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Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 – Clinic Day

After another pretty crappy night sleep, we got up and headed out to the clinic, losing our green screen room carpet along the way, unfortunately. Everything went fine there and at the doctor’s office, then we went to an Indian restaurant for lunch as an early celebration for my birthday tomorrow (and to generally just try to cheer ourselves up after all the aggravation of the past few days,) then a trip to Tractor Supply to pick up some supplies, then straight back to camp (except a quick return to the area we thought we lost the rug, just in case we could find it, but it was gone) where we spent the afternoon under the awning, and playing frisbee fetch with Lola off the leash. No visitors this time, everyone left us alone today, thank goodness. As dusk waned, we headed inside to watch what turned out to be an excruciatingly slow and boring movie, then a short one hour before heading to bed, hoping for a better night sleep tonight!

Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 – Delivery Day and More Harassment

Had a pretty bad night sleep during the night, then ended up sleeping until 10:30 before I was rested enough to get out of bed, very unusual for me. Got all my chores done, had a late breakfast, played frisbee fetch with Lola for a bit, then started getting Hubby’s machine ready around 1:00. Shortly thereafter, our delivery of dialysis supplies arrived, so I spend half an hour getting those loaded in before resuming his dialysis session. Sorry to say at one point early in the morning, Lola escaped for about two minutes, but the rest of the day I had her either locked up in the trailer or on a cable outside. That wasn’t enough to stop the complaints though. Halfway through the afternoon I got a visit from a couple of the trustees, one apologetic while the other one railed on about Lola having to be on a leash. I again explained, she only was out for two tiny minutes and had been cooped up or tied up the rest of the day, and it ended up in a shouting match. Finally it came out that someone was upset that I was playing frisbee fetch without her being on a leash! Really??? Here’s one of the most obedient and friendliest dogs you’ll ever find, totally focussed on fetching her frisbee, never going beyond 20 yards away from the trailer, and someone on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CAMPGROUND is complaining that she’s not on a leash. Good Lord, where is the common sense God gave these people! All this because two dogs that WERE on a leash, but beyond the ability of their owner to control, made some trouble a few months back. Of course, I wouldn’t want to wish bad things to happen to anyone’s pets, but you don’t put 100 well-behaved dogs on a leash just because one of them MIGHT make trouble, any more than you’d put 100 people in jail because one of them MIGHT commit a crime! Grrrr! Maybe I’m overreacting because of a lack of sleep, but there are such negative vibes here now, we even felt it as we were coming in yesterday, but we were committed because of our clinic day in Canton tomorrow, so we can’t just pack up and leave, which is our inclination when we are faced with this much unwarranted irritation. I know there are people who won’t like what I’m saying here, but I feel it’s only fair that I tell you our experiences, truthfully, whether you agree or disagree. As Dennis Miller used to say, “That’s my opinion, I could be wrong.” We won’t be coming back here after this weekend, too much stress! And I can’t even relieve any of that stress with a ride in the woods, since the map is so bad and the trails are so poorly marked that it’s impossible not to get lost, which only adds more stress! Thank goodness we only to have to suffer this a few more days. So disappointing, this place could be a real gem if the people here would just chill out a little bit, do some real work on the map and trails, be a bit more welcoming, and just use a little common sense!

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019 – Travel Day to Tri-County Trails

Woke up to the sound of rain when the alarm went off, so I turned it off and rolled over, no way I was going to mess with that! Fortunately, it was all gone an hour later, just cloudy, so I got up and finished packing. I was afraid that with all the rain we might have trouble getting off the grass out to the gravel driveway, but there was no problems, yay! By the time we finished at the RV dump on the other side of the park at the campground, it was just about noon, but since the trip is less than three hours, we had plenty of time. It was an uneventful drive, thank goodness, and we arrived at Tri-County around 4:00. We were worried about whether we would get stuck again, but fortunately it hadn’t rained as much here, and we were able to back in easily to the same spot we were in last time. Unbeknownst to me, while I was getting the horses up on the highline provided (I decided to do that rather than get my own highline out), Lola jumped out the passenger side window (which I’ve never seen her do before, but I guess she just had to pee!), and then went on a quick walkabout to see if there was anyone in camp who would play with her while I was working on getting us set up. Well, it wasn’t long before I realized she was gone, so I called her, and she came running back, as she always does, she’s such an obedient girl! But that didn’t stop the complaints. Two women from different parts of the campground made a beeline for me and complained to me that all dogs needed to be on a leash. I apologized and explained that as a therapy dog, it’s her compulsion to go greet people, and she had slipped away without my knowing (she still had her therapy vest on from when we stopped for lunch at Denny’s, where she sat quietly under a table like she always does, making lots of people smile as they came in and saw her, again, that’s her job.) Nothing like a warm welcome, huh? Well, after getting all my chores done, I got out the loungers and we sat under the awning (too short a stay to bother with the screen room) and played fetch the frisbee with Lola for a while. Shockingly, when I went to do cleanup of the horses’ section of the trailer at dinnertime, I discovered the manure spreader is still so full there’s almost no place to add more, so I had a heck of a time dumping my utility cart. Anyway, we finally settled down for the evening, to clearing skies and a promising forecast.

Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2019 – Packing Day

Spent the larger part of the day starting to pack up things for our departure tomorrow, in between dialyzing Hubby. It’s been a great stay here, and I can definitely see us coming back here some time in the future. Very enjoyable, and there are still a few more trails I have yet to explore!

Monday, Aug. 19, 2019 – Runaround Day

With the necessity to send out Hubby’s labs via Fedex (I hate Fedex!), I left him in camp and ran out to do various errands. First to the camp office to pay for another two days (though I learned there’s a drop box out here somewhere, which would have worked just as well). Then I arrived at the Fedex Ship Center in Franklin at 11:30, only to discover a sign on the door saying they were closed for lunch between 11:15-11:45. Figures. I put the package in the box outside and hoped for the best. Then I ran around trying to find some kind of air compressor that would replace the crappy Kensun I bought (it worked ONCE, then died). My first stop was Harbor Freight, and there was a little pancake tank type compressor I thought might do the job, but I couldn’t understand why the label said 100 max PSI while the gauges all went up to 180. After a half hour of asking the same question of the staff there, I never did get a good answer, so I gave up on it. I ended up with something from Home Depot, not sure if it would work, but it said it would go up to 130 (I need 123 psi on my trailer tires), fingers crossed. Picked up a few things at Walmart and finally got back to camp after 2:30. I tried out the new air compressor, but it hardly budged the needle on the trailer tires, so I’m back to square one. At least with Home Depot I can take it back later this week in Ohio. Discovered we had some neighbors tucked away in the woods on the other side of camp, and had a chat with them about their solar array, wondering how theirs worked, and whether there’s a system that could just recharge our batteries as a supplement to using the generator. If we can keep the batteries charged up, the inverter would do the rest for us. Settled down for the evening, enjoying the fact that for once when the forecast was for rain, it actually didn’t rain! I hope that trend continues, as we’re planning on moving on Wednesday, and they’re definitely calling for rain on that day. Here’s hoping!

Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019 – Ride Day With Hubby!


After a good night sleep, we were once again awakened by all the activity over on the other side of the campground, but it wasn't too long before they all started breaking up and going home. Hubby decided he was up for a ride after breakfast, so I saddled up the horses and planned a very short ride. He started to feel poorly after less than half my planned ride last time, so this time I planned something very short, less than an hour, essentially just down to the dam and back. He managed to climb up on Apollo with no help from me except holding him still, and off we went! Fortunately, the new trail that I took had quite a gradual grade down the hill, just right for him, and we went as far as the far side of the dam so the horses could put their feet in the water (which is how this whole adventure began almost 10 years ago!), then headed back toward camp on the red/white trail for a bit, then up on one of the black/white trails to get us back to camp. All told it was about 2.5 miles, less than an hour, but he was feeling quite strong when we got back, which is a great improvement from the last couple of rides when he was really fatigued and in pain from one thing or another, so he was a happy camper! Of course, once again, the weather forecast had predicted no rain until the wee hours overnight, but we had several storms come in throughout day, so I was scrambling to put tack away before one storm, and feed the horses before another storm. It was a tough dialysis session, too, for some reason, I suspect Hubby let himself get a bit too dehydrated, both on the trail and when we got back, so we had to deal with some issues with that, so he ended up being exhausted by the end of the day from that. By the end of the day, we finally had the place to ourselves, with all the campers (horse and otherwise) gone, and all the day riders, until the entire campground was empty. I let the horses graze on the grass for a long time before putting them away in the portable corral just before the third storm of the day passed through. Now that I've given them some of the new hay, they're not eating as much of the stuff Lisa gave me, though they were tucking in a bit on the bales under the gooseneck when they were loose, so it's all good. With them both getting a longer than usual ride in over the last two days, the short ride today must have been a relief, and tomorrow, they're going the have the whole day off as we go shopping, housekeeping and laundry, whoo-hoo! Off to bed now, though, to join Hubby is his fatigue.

Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019 – Long Ride Day with Lisa and Group



All week, our neighbor Lisa and I had been trying to plan a day of riding together, and that day finally arrived today! We were also joined by a bunch of other women, some who had come in for the day, others that were camping for the weekend. We headed about before 10:30, with a plan to do as much of the inner perimeter Red/White trail that we could (a small section was closed, so we went around that on the Red trail), starting out to the north again. It wasn't long before it started raining (the forecast said rain after 3:00, par for the course this week!), so we all paused to put on our slickers. We stayed together as a group for 3 or 4 miles before Lisa and I finally outpaced them, but they seemed to know where they were going, and the trails here are quite well-marked, so we didn't worry about them. We knew they planned to stop for lunch anyway, so it was all good! Then the sun came out and we were able to put our slickers away, thank goodness. Another lovely ride, varying terrain and footing. Apollo lost one boot a couple of times, but we always picked it up right away. I kept it off for awhile when there wasn't any gravel on the trail, then put it back on again when the gravel got bad. A really nice ride again today! I really like this place, it's so quiet most of the time, and there are still miles of trails left to explore. It did get a bit noisy yesterday and today, though, as a large group of kids came into to tent camp and used the pavilion that used to be the old observatory, wasn't sure what the group was yesterday, but today they were all dressed in jungle fatigues, so I'm guessing it's an ROTC weekend for the young folks. Yesterday they played field games in civilian dress, today it seemed more like exercise and training, but they're well behaved and actually quieter today than during the games yesterday. When we left camp, Lisa had brought over her husband Jamie and introduced him to Roy, and we left them chatting away. We wondered if Jamie would pull out this afternoon (they're both leaving today), but I predicted they would still be talking when we got back, and sure enough, they were! They packed up and pulled out within the hour, though, just as a huge thunderstorm came in (well, it was after 3:00 now), with winds that blew the screen in so far we had to come inside, and then we had some hail come down as well. Fortunately, that didn't last too long, and we were able to do chores and have a nice evening, though I had to wear my Wellies to keep my feet dry from the puddles after the storm! A very nice day!

Friday, Aug. 16, 2019 – Shopping and Hay Day

Since I ran out of hay yesterday (and was given a couple of bales by Lisa, for which I’m very grateful!), I had made arrangements to pick up new hay in a town called Sandy Lake, which is only about 30 minutes away. Phil met me, and sold me some gorgeous 2nd cutting, some of the best hay I’ve seen in a long time! I wish I had room for more, but 10 was all I could manage, and at $5.00 a bale, I was happy to take it! On the way back we stopped to shop at our usual places, Tractor Supply and Walmart, with a quick stop at Aldi, though there wasn’t much there that I use, then back to camp. Got everything put away before starting dialysis, and spent the rest of the day watching old movies and munching. Another great day on the road!

Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019 – Red Perimeter Trail, Completed!

With no dialysis today, and the forecast saying it wouldn't rain until later in the day (yeah, right, like I believe THAT by now!), I saddled up Flash and headed out with the intention of doing the entire Red outer perimeter trail. After making him stand around so much yesterday, Flash was raring to go, and we set out northward at a nice quick walking pace. It wasn't long before he wanted to cordo and largo, but it was limited because of all the narrow and often rocky trails. We managed to keep his boots on (his fit better than Apollo's), but one did come off a couple of times when we had extenuating circumstances. It was a lovely ride, with all kinds of varying terrain and footing throughout the journey, and we completed the 14+ mile trip in just 3 hours and 39 minutes, with an average of over 4 mph despite the terrain. Not exactly endurance race speed, but certainly respectable. When we got back to camp, our neighbor Lisa commented that she should have warned me the entire red trail would be an 8 hour journey (with lunch stops and breaks, I suppose), and she was shocked to see me back in camp already, sure that I must have taken a shortcut back, but no, I did the entire Red Trail! I never felt like we were really rushing, though, I just let Flash go at whatever speed he wanted, which is always faster as the day goes on, unlike a stock horse that generally gets slower. Crazy! Anyway, it was a great ride, and we were very satisfied with it all around. As always, we sat in the screen room relaxing for a bit before settling down for an evening of dinner and a movie! This is the way to live!!

Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 – Boot Found, FINALLY!

Weather was much better this morning, it cleared out overnight, so after breakfast I saddled up Flash and headed back up the trail to see if I could find the missing boot. I knew exactly where the first place was we realized it was gone, and I had a pretty good idea where the last place I checked for it was when it was on, so I rode Flash all the way down and all the way and didn’t see it. Then I half convinced myself it must be in that last puddle, so I spent about half an hour reaching into every hole, re-engineering the puddle to drain off, and generally searching the entire area of the puddle with no luck. Then I thought it must have come off when we started trotting up the hill to the puddle, so I took a long stick and beat back all the long grass and ferns on both sides of the trail and still, no luck. Then I walked back up the trail, beating the bushes on the right side, where Apollo had mostly been, nothing. Finally, after almost two hours, while I was beating the bushed on the other side, there it was. It wasn’t even really hidden, it was just not where I expected to find it, naturally. Glad to have found it, can’t believe it took so long! Got back to camp in not time (it was only about a half mile out from camp), got Flash settled in, then got Hubby going on his dialysis session, and relaxed for the rest of the day. Whew!