Sunday, Aug. 25, 2019 – Travel Day to Jefferson Lake State Park

Since our next destination is only about 90 minutes away, we took our time getting packed up this morning, though we are glad to be leaving. Had no trouble loading the horses or getting off the grass onto the tarmac, but it was almost all back-country driving on mostly narrow roads, but nothing that created any problems, except there was a bridge out just outside Bergholtz that we had to circumvent. Fortunately, while we sat in the middle of the road contemplating the "Bridge Closed" sign, a nice man came out of his house to help us, telling us about a big gravel turnaround less than a mile up the road, and the best route to get back to the right entrance to the park. That delayed us almost half an hour, but then again, we weren't in any real hurry today. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we enjoyed it thoroughly. We finally made it to the campground, which only had a few tenters and picnickers except for one horse rig parked in the same general area where we wanted to be, and after a bit of reconnoitering, we decided on Site 29, right next to the one I had figured would work from what I could see on Google Earth. It's right across from their new dump station, so water access would be easy, and even though it didn't have a highline directly behind it, it had two great pine trees and a lot of grassy area, so I put up my own highline between the pines, and made a large paddock for them with our electric fence. We also needed to adjust the brakes on the trailer again (I can see us doing that every month or two!), which took up another half hour or so. About the time we finished, the horse rig next to us was leaving, and one other day rider was packing up as well, so by 5:00, the place was empty as far as we could see, though I know there are a couple of tenters on the other side of the campground. SO QUIET HERE, just the way we like it!! Once we were alone, I let Lola run, and she did some major exploring, the horses were running and rolling around the paddock enjoying their freedom, and I got out the loungers so Hubby and I could relax for the evening. Other than a rather weak cell phone signal, I think this place is going to be absolutely perfect for the next week, more likely two! I've ordered some stuff and used either the General Delivery address for the Post Office in Richmond, OH, and used the campground address for some other things, so hopefully UPS and FedEx can find us. Hubby was able to get some local channels on the TV (from Pittsburgh), the first time in weeks he's been able to do so, and since we didn't have enough cell phone signal for Netflix or Prime, we cranked up the Dish DVR which still had some old movies and series on it, and enjoyed a lovely evening in the peace and quiet.

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