We can help!

Building or renovating a horse camp? We can consult with you on exactly what separates the really BUSY and profitable horse camps from the EMPTY and unused ones, and how to make sure you attract just the kind of horse people you’re looking for.

Trails need mapping or re-blazing to make them user-friendly? We can help! We’ve been in hundreds of places where the trails were poorly marked and totally out of sync with what’s on the ground, making for some very frustrating and downright dangerous rides! Let us help you make your trails SUPER user-friendly, by creating GPS and Google Earth confirmed maps and coordinating them with what’s on the ground, using your blaze of choice (paint on trees, arrows, markers, road-signs, color coordinated… you name it, we can do it!), making maps and trails so clear, ANYONE will be able to follow.

Need a clinic to attract customers? We can provide you with entertaining and enlightening seminars on any topic related to horse camping, from practical knowledge for the seasoned or amateur horse camper, to hysterical stories about some of the adventures we’ve had. If it has to do with traveling and camping with horses, we can offer insights you many never have imagined.

Let our experience help you streamline your operation, whatever it might be. Contact us with your questions, and we’ll be sure to get right back in touch. Thank you for letting us be of service to you!