Sunday, Sept. 27, 2020 – Packing and Prep for Trip

Hey Baby,
Despite the fact that I was totally sloping, I managed to sleep okay, but not great. When I got up, I tried to get the horses up for breakfast, but they ignored me. They have made themselves at home in a run-in shed in the near pasture, while all the rest of the horses were in another back pasture, I guess they figured it would be easier than trying to mix in, at least for now. I guess they’re getting plenty of grass, since they wouldn’t even follow me when I tempted them with peppermints! Oh, well, they’ll be safe and sound and probably fat and sassy by the time I get back. Had breakfast, did some more packing, wasted over 40 minutes trying to find my mammoth before I remember I put him in the brake controller box behind my chair. Finally headed out just after 11:00, got down to the Ag center across from the trailer place, backed up as out of the way as I could and unhooked, then started running errands. First to Sun & Ski to pick up some water sandals that the river rafting folks had recommended, a nice sturdy and expensive sandal, but I can see me wearing them a lot, and I managed to get the last pair in my size ON CLEARANCE, so it wasn’t as big a hit, yay! Then off to Tractor Supply to fill up with propane, cheapest price I’ve seen in a LONG time, just $2.29 a gallon. Then found a hair salon that was open and got my hair cut, then Walmart to do my last minute shopping, mostly for dog food and a few other assorted things I needed for the trip. Got back and did some more sorting and packing, but I’m running out of room! Hopefully I can get everything in okay, but it will be tight. Settled down for the evening feeling pretty good about my progress, though it’s going to be a long, busy day tomorrow. Then, just as I was getting ready to take my shower, I knocked my computer off the shelf and the monitor got really funky, crazy lines running all through it, and I was so mad at myself, the last thing I need is to have my computer go! Well, I was on the clock (I was doing my hair) so I jumped in the shower, and when I came out, the computer had rebooted and and was back to normal! What a relief! The only problem was that all the work I did last night to update my blog entries from the last reboot that erased it was gone again! I have no idea why it’s not saving my work on the blog, but apparently that’s a problem. Of course, since I uploaded it all to the website last night, it’s all intact, I just have to download it all, again. I’m just so grateful my computer started up okay, I’d hate to have to run around Vegas looking for a new computer, then waiting for it to download back from the server for two or three days! Don’t have time for that this week! Anyway, shower’s done, crisis is over, sleepytime tea has been drunk and it’s time for earplugs (I’m right next to I-65) and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020 – Travel Day to Franklin, TN

Hi Hon!
Woke up to the alarm, with no more excitement during the night, finished packing up, leaving the campground a bit after nine, and done at the dump just after 9:30. Flash is getting so good at getting into the trailer! Even with a pretty steep ramp today he went practically straight in, yay! Decided to take the freeway rather than the back roads, it probably added a lot more time than it was worth, made worse by me getting off a wrong exit, and then having the return ramp closed from construction, so I had to take a long way around. I wanted to avoid downtown Louisville, they’ve been having riots there, like in so many places these days. There seems to be a lot of anarchy out there, though I hardly ever watch the news any more, too depressing. I arrived at my boarding place in Franklin, and we tried to get into a narrow gate on the side of the field but soon realized it was hopeless, too many ditches, not enough room, so he ended up bringing me onto the property through a double gate closer to house and we just walked the horses out to the pasture. Lots of other horses in there, but they were all up at the back end, so I guess they’ll mix themselves in when they’re ready. They just moseyed in and started grazing, Apollo rolled, the usual. I met the whole family, and they’re all going to be looking after the horses and Lola. We took a walk down to a little creek with another one of their dogs, a protective Aussie I think, and she growled a little at Lola, who mostly just ignored her. I’m sure they’ll get used to each other, though I think they’re going to take here somewhere else where there’s a Weimaraner she should get along with, I hope. Anyway, I’m parked in a field near their house, thank goodness it’s beend dry so I had no trouble getting, and I filled up with water because I was too low for the next couple of days, then settled down for the evening. Finally got a great cell phone signal, so I was able to watch a movie on Netflix for a change. At some point when I have electric and a clear view I’m going to have to get the satellite dish up and load it up with more movies so the next time I can’t get live streaming I’ll have some things to watch. It worked out great these past few weeks, but I’ve pretty much watched everything we had left on the DVR, so I need to stock up again! So now the movie is done, I’m heading for my shower and bed! Busy day tomorrow! Good night, babe! Love you!

Friday, Sept. 25, 2020 – Laundry and Pack Up Day

Hey Sweetie!
A busy day, washing and hanging out three loads of laundry and all the baseball caps that have been sitting on the truck dashboard for ages, but it was such a beautiful day it didn’t take too long to dry. I spaced out my packing throughout the day, reading in between jobs, so it went pretty easy. I also took a quick ride up to my hotspot, and got a message that my rafting trip is ON!! They got enough for the minimum, so another job today was to get my camping equipment down and check it all out. I had brought out the larger air mattress the other day and filled it up, but it leaked, so I found the smaller one and filled that up, and that seemed to hold okay. It’s better anyway, I’ll have more room in my tent with the smaller mattress. Got the camping bag all packed except for clothes, that will come when I start packing for the whole trip. Someone on the road had mentioned to me that my right turn signal wasn’t working, so I checked that and found a sort of loose wire in the bundle that had been fixed before, so I took care of that. It doesn’t seem to be bright enough, but at least it’s working now. Just as I was getting all lathered up in my shower, I heard Apollo start to whinny, and you know what that means! Loose horse! Sure enough, there came knocking at my door, and I had to get all the soap off and wrap myself in a towel to answer it, and it was my neighbor on the other side, Flash had evidently got off his lead somehow. I said I’d be over as soon as I could, and he said not to worry, he was okay on his hitching post. I finished my shower and put my nightie and robe on and took care of it. Not sure what happened, the halter and the snap looked fine, but he got off somehow, so I switched halters and hooked him back up, hopefully he’ll keep till morning. He only went as far as the horses next door, just visiting apparently! The campground on this end is nearly full this weekend, there’s a “stag” group (all men) who evidently come out here yearly, so it’s a pretty rowdy bunch of guys of all ages partying, and it will probably go on for hours, but that’s okay, that’s what I have earplugs for! Well, I’ve showered, so now I’m off to bed to read for awhile, and hopefully get a good night sleep, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 – Productive Day

Hi Babe,
Another great night sleep, then read a bit before finally getting out of bed just before ten, whew! Did the chores, transferred the new hay into the trailer, had breakfast (well, brunch!), then drove up the hill to my hotspot, got everything done I needed to get done online, got back to camp and proceeded to do some odds and ends that needed doing. I had been finding a few roaches coming out at night, and I put down some traps, but I’d rather do the holistic method, so I mixed some borax with powdered sugar and spread that around all the edges of the wall under the cupboards and shelves throughout the trailer just to make sure. I hope it does the same for ants as it does for roaches, I’ve seen a few of those, too. Hard not to attract some bugs when you’re in the wilderness all the time! I puttered a bit more, then decided not to go for a ride today, it was getting late and I figured a day in between would be better, so my plan is to go tomorrow on Flash after I do my hotspot run. Spent the afternoon reading, had a nice grilled steak dinner, now I’m just settling down for the evening. Really quiet here now, only one trailer left way on the other side of camp, can’t even see them, just the way I like it! Be off to bed soon, so good night, sweetie! Love you!

Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020 – Rest Day

Hey Sweetie,
Well, I got so involved with the new book I started reading last night that I have no idea what time it was when I finally fell asleep, but I do know it had to be pretty late. I slept until 10:00 this morning, which is just barely when the sun starts to reach this site of mine, and it got down to about 43 degrees during the night, I got a bit cold, even with my two blankets, so I broke down and climbed up on the roof to get my quilt out of the attic, since it’s supposed to be cold for a couple more nights before it warms up again. I still felt tired all day, though, so I only puttered a bit. I had to re-sew Lola’a bed again, she must have gotten into a scratching frenzy, ripping the entire seam on the opposite side of the zipper that I had previously repaired. At least she didn’t start chewing up the foam inside and spitting it out, which she has done in the past. Mixed up a few pesticides for later use but read most of the day, finishing off last night’s book by the end of breakfast, then starting another one, more of a geo-political-military type story, but I was still felt so tired I went back to bed in the afternoon and took a nap. Guess I’ve the last few days of activity wore me out more than I thought. Had a nice rest today, though, so hopefully, if I get to bed early, I’ll be more rested tomorrow. I’d like to take Apollo out for a ride tomorrow, but I have a bunch of work to do, and I’m going to have to drive my truck up toward the top of the hill to do it, since I have no signal down here. I did find a place where I can get 3 bars of 4G, so hopefully it won’t take me too terribly long to get done what I need to do. Anyway, I watched a movie from the PVR, then a Wagon Train, now I’m headed to shower and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020 – Travel Day to O’Bannon Woods State Park

Hi Babe,
Got up early and finished packing everything, had to do a bit of fancy maneuvering to get out of my campsite without running into a ditch, but managed to do so after two or three passes at it. I stopped in Paoli at the Tractor Supply only to discover this one doesn’t refill propane tanks, which was my main reason for going there, so I just got a bag of feed and headed to the Walmart. Didn’t need much but I did need some padded envelopes to mail my books in, which I had to have to get out a book order I got the other day. Once I finished there and packed up the book, I had to pretty much block half a lane to drop it off at the post office, but that only took a minute. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, and with the whole trip only being about 65 miles, it didn’t take long. When I got to Corydon, the nearest town to my destination, I stopped at the Tractor Supply there, saw they refilled propane there, dropped my tanks off by the gate before going in, only to discover they had completely run out of propane! Fortunately I still have one and a half tanks, so it wasn’t an issue, but it does mean a trip into town again tomorrow. Arrived at the campground, got all checked in, and made my way down to the primitive horse camp, which was almost empty except for a rather well-known couple Bob Brittian and Ginny were in the site right next to me, as I learned later in the day. They were out riding when I arrived, but I got all backed in with no problem, plenty of room, and mostly level. Put up a highline between a tree and a hitching post, and did a complete set up, including screen room and grill in less than 90 minutes. Got my water tanks filled and everything, then settled down for awhile. My neighbors arrived shortly afterward and we exchanged pleasantries, then Trish and Janet arrived on horseback, they’d settled into the electric camp which was about a mile away. Janet struck up a conversation with the neighbors and that’s when we learned all about them. Anyway, we all chatted, then the ladies went back to camp, I grabbed some Ramen noodles and fed the horses, and eventually wound up over at Bob’s camp, he was playing his guitar and singing some great cowboy songs. The ladies drove down and sat with us around the campfire for awhile, I got to do my Snowy River, and Bob told a sad tale about a cowboy with an obsession with a wild palomino filly. Then we all went our separate ways for the night, with plans arranged for the morning ride tomorrow. Ginny had let me take a picture of a handkerchief that had a map of the place on it, since they seem to be hard to come by unless you want to spend $10, which seems excessive to me. I used it as an overlay on Google Earth and still managed to make a GPS for tomorrow. Bad news is there is absolutely NO cell phone signal down here at the camp, though apparently they have one at the upper camp, so I can see I’m going to be driving to check my email. Anyway, time for shower and bed, it’s already too late. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

Monday, Sept. 14, 2020 – Lazy Day at Shirley Creek

Hi Hon,
Couldn’t get to sleep last night, and I woke up woozy this morning, so I decided just to have a relaxing day today. Spent most of the day just reading, with the exception of finishing the filing of my complaint against the actors’ union. They’re still refusing to let me have a contract, and are still threatening to punish me if I work WITHOUT a contract. Not sure how they expect to accomplish anything with THAT attitude! I thought a union WANTED their members to work, not prevent them from working! Anyway, a very quiet day, but hopefully not so quiet that I can’t sleep again tonight! Finally had some sunshine today, so my solar panel managed to collect a bit, but I used a lot of power charging up my electronics, so I’m having to run the generator for a bit now. All I have left to do is feed Lola (after I make her some new satin balls), take a shower and head for bed, though I’ll probably watch a movie since my eyes are tired from reading. So I’m signing off early tonight, while I’ve still got an internet connection. Love you, darlin’! Good night!

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 – First Ride at Shirley Creek

Pix to follow

Hiya Babe!
What a great ride today! Not the best night sleep but I woke up more rested than I was yesterday, and after breakfast and chores, I saddled up Flash and headed out on what I’m calling the “outer loop.” As you know, I always like to try to do a perimeter route on my first day so I can get a lay of the land, as it were, and today’s 10 mile ride fit that perfectly! I left camp, got about 100 yards and realized I’d forgotten to put Lola’s safety vest on, so I gaited back to camp to get it, then headed out again. What nice trails! These are the kind of trails I miss not going to National Forests, but they’re campgrounds are a bit dicey for a rig my size, so I’m not sure how many of them I’ll be able to go to. Even this one, I’m not sure if I can leave the campground and turn south, because it’s a narrow road with about a 340 degree turn, so I may have to go north and find a different way. Anyway, that’s a problem for another day! The trails are most dirt with some gravel, but it’s a nice small gravel that doesn’t bother anyone. Only a few mud patches, and they were mostly dried up since we haven’t had any rain in a long time here now. Beautiful deciduous woods, rolling hills, nothing too steep, nice switchbacks occasionally, a few pine forests wedged between, really nice! There was one section that went along a gravel road, but it wasn’t too bad either. I ran into a couple of groups on the trail, some folks seem to worry about me riding alone, which I can appreciate. Some see it as brave, others foolish, others stupid, but I just call it living! One thing that was always true about us, we never let our life be ruled by fear, and I don’t intend to start now! Got back to camp around 3:30, sponged Flash down, then proceed to try to get a cell phone signal good enough to internet, I’m just on the edge here. Managed to do a little work, but can’t upload pictures, so they’ll have to be added later. Meanwhile, I’m having my first glass of wine, I’ve put up the grill so I can have a nice burger in a bit, ready to settle down for the evening. Not much to add, you know what comes next, so I’ll upload this early while I’ve got a signal! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 – Errand and Rest Day

Hi Darlin’,
Had a good rest overnight, but was still feeling a bit tired today. I discovered I had a book order come in late last night, so I packed that up after chores, made a list of a couple of items I needed and headed into French Lick to the post office. I discovered this was quite an historic area, with lots of buildings from just after the turn of the last century, evidently there were springs here that claimed healing powers and people flocked here for the cures. I loved the old post office, one of those great old buildings with the super high ceilings and beautiful wood, from back when they really knew how to build grand buildings. I stopped at the tourist office to pick up some maps and brochures just to see what the history was about, pretty interesting. It gave me a chance to scope out my exit route, too, and it looks pretty good, except for the turn out of the campground! That looks the most harrowing, big ditch, driveway points the wrong way, I may need to find an alternate route just in case I can’t make it. I filled up with fuel while I was in town, best price I’ve seen for diesel in a while, just $2.29 a gallon. Since my next stop isn’t all that far, and I don’t anticipate going out again, I should be good for awhile. Also stopped at the Jay C grocery store for a couple of things (I forgot Total cereal for Lola’s satin balls the other day), and then I was back in camp. It was cloudy all day, so I only got a little boost from the solar panel, but even so, I didn’t need to turn the generator on until dinner time, and only for about 30 minutes. Hopefully it will be sunnier tomorrow, though they’re calling for rain in the afternoon. I didn’t feel like riding today, but I did make out three routes to cover all the trails, two for Flash and one for Apollo, so I’m ready to go. I’ll take Flash in the morning for a perimeter ride. I’m told the trails are rocky, so boots for him will be the order of the day. Read for most of the afternoon, watched a few old things on the Dish PVR, otherwise an uneventful and restful day. Heading for shower and bed now. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020 – Travel Day to Shirley Creek

Pix to follow when I have a better cell phone signal!

Hi Sweetie,
I swear I just don’t understand people these days. I packed up the final few things this morning, had a bit of a problem getting the slide in because I was at the wrong tilt, but solved it by putting the boards under the tires on the left side, which was just enough to let me pull it in with a strap. I had a pretty straightforward drive, mostly on freeway, which was a bit longer mile-wise but a lot safer and easier to drive. I arrived at the tire place where I had the tire delivered, and they did a great job, got it done in about 30 minutes, mounting the new tire on the rim, disposing of both old tires and replacing the spare, but I fear it’s so much fatter it’s going to stuck up there forever, and only charged me $14! Amazing! They were right around the corner from Walmart so I took a quick trip just to pick up a few things I had forgotten the other day, and headed for the camp, just 30 minutes away. I arrived, scoped out the place (the best spot, the most level and the largest for a unit like mine was already taken by some non-horse people with a tiny pop-up camper), and another camper came in just behind me and took a corner spot, but it wasn’t one that would have been good for me. I ended up in the middle of the loop right next to the water, which, despite assurances from the main office that the water spigot had threads, they did not!), so I had that new issue to deal with, then I put out the electric fence (I took up a good amount of space, I admit, but there’s plenty of room for neighbors if I get any), then discovered that the hitching rail I surround with my fence looked like someone had spent the whole weekend with a couple of horses tied to the rail and never once bothered to pick up any manure! So I had to cart two wheelbarrows of manure away just so I could use the spot. What is it with Indiana people and the Hoosier Forest? I remembered the last time we went somewhere where the people left a big mess like that was ALSO in the Hoosier Forest, down at Germantown. It left a bad impression of Indiana in my mind for a LONG time, and we never came back again, not until I did this summer. What is wrong with people? The folks that took the corner are across from me, and once again, for some unknown reason, they cranked up a generator (fortunately it’s a more quiet Honda), but they left it running all day, even when they went out riding! What’s up with that? That’s happened a couple of times to me this season, I just don’t understand why anyone needs to waste gas generating electricity if they’re not doing anything that needs electricity! Weird. I’m going to ask tomorrow and see if there’s a reason that’s just escaping me. Anyway, it’s been a long day, I’m exhausted, I took my shower before dinner, watched some things on Dish because the cell phone signal is pretty weak here so I may not be getting Netflix (I was too tired to mess with it tonight), and now I’m heading to bed to read, and hopefully get a good night sleep, though I’m definitely putting in my earplugs since the generator is STILL on at 10:00 at night. Sigh… Love you, darlin’! Good night!