Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 – Clinic, Shopping and Dialysis

Up at the crack of dawn so that we could get to Hubby’s monthly clinic in Canton at 10:00, grabbing some breakfast on the way. That all went well, as usual, then on the way back we picked up propane at the Tractor Supply in Massillon, shopped at the Walmart, and headed straight back to camp from there. Even so, it was almost 4:00 by the time we got Hubby started on his dialysis session, so it was a late night. I just managed to get the horses fed before it got dark, so it was a short evening. Busy day!

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 – Delivery Day

After a couple of lazy days where we didn’t do much other than read, rest and dialyze, today we received our delivery of supplies. We had hoped to ride in the morning, but with the delivery time being a four hour window, by the time he got here it was too late to go, so hopefully tomorrow. Apollo seemed a little limpy this morning, not sure if he caught his leg on something or if he’s just tired of standing around. I wish I could put him on an anchor and let him graze in the campground, but there isn’t much grass here, and there’s so many obstacles in the way he’s likely to get caught on something every five minutes. I definitely have to take him for a ride, even if Hubby’s not up to it, let him stretch his legs for a bit. Other than the usual mundane chores, it was a really quiet and beautiful day here on the lake!

Friday, Sept 20, 2019 – Shopping and Kayak Ride

Time to go shopping! Was hoping we could do it early enough so that I could get a nice ride on Flash today, but unfortunately, we kept getting delayed by one thing or another. Went to Tractor Supply to fill up two of three empty propane tanks, but had to trade in one of our propane tanks because I keep having problems with one of the valves, did that at Meijers. Tried to get our shopping done there as well, but gave up when the scooter Hubby was using died and they didn’t have another one, had a bad experience with one of the employees there. Ended up going to Walmart and finishing our shopping off that. Picked up some KFC on the way back to camp, and it was nearly three by that time, too late to take a long ride, so I decided to paddle around in my kayak instead. Took quite a long trip around about half the lake, very nice ride! A beautiful day, got some sun, then came to what was now a very busy campground, evidently a Four H weekend because there were lots of kids around. It’s going to be noisier than we had anticipated! Hubby played fetch with Lola most of the time I was gone, so they’re both a bit tuckered out now, too. Got settled in for the evening, watched an interesting movie called “Time Trap” and a few other things before going to bed.

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019 – Got My Kayak, Drove to Jeez Overlook

Surprisingly, Fedex actually found us this morning, right here at the campsite. I wasn't sure they would, and the driver did say they don't usually deliver direct to campsites (I was sorry to hear that), but he did, so now I have my new inflatable kayak! We also took a quick ride up to the Jeez overlook, a high point in the area that lets you see most of the Malabar Farm, then we went to the Big Fish convenience store just up the road, we thought about having lunch there, but Hubby was in the mood for chili on a baked potato, so I just bought a can of Hormel to take back with us, as well as some ice cream, which was the REAL reason we decided to take a trip out today! When we got back I unpacked my kayak, and it didn't take me long to get it out of the box and inflated with the high-capacity hand-pump they provided, so naturally I had to take a quick spin around the cove to see how it works. I'm going to enjoy a lot of peaceful hours in this boat!

Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 – Lunch, Dialysis and Hay

Another quiet morning of chores, fishing and fetching with Lola before Hubby and I decided to have our lunch at the Mohican Lodge today. Got out there early, because we had to dialyze, then I had to go pick up some hay. I used the last of it this morning, and I found someone only 15 minutes with second cutting that was just coming in from the field today, though not early enough for me to pick up this morning. It was quite misty and overcast this morning, despite a partly cloudy forecast, so I guess we had to wait until it was a bit drier. The lunch was very nice, and we could actually see our campsite from the restaurant picture window, just a half mile by lake, but over 20 minutes by twisty road. Got back and got Hubby dialyzing, though we had some trouble with one of his access points, so it took a lot longer than usual. Figures, since we had to pick up hay afterward, thought we’d be early, turned out to be late. Got a good load of some nice hay, though, enough to last us for the duration of our stay here. Hope the horses like it!

Monday, Sept. 16, 2019 – Lovely, Lazy Day

Slept late, then after chores I got out my fishing pole and sat on the bank and fished for awhile, and tossed various things for Lola to fetch. It was Roy’s sister’s birthday in England, so I spent some time getting Skype running (though we were late because my microphone was giving me trouble), but then got that done. We had planned on going over to the Mohican lodge for lunch for a change, but they had already closed their lunch hours by the time we got off the phone, so that will have to happen another day. Neither one of us was in the mood to ride, so we just had a lovely lazy day. A couple of local women came with their horses and I struck up a nice conversation with them, and we chatted for quite awhile before Hubby and I settled down for the night. Sweet, sitting by the lake and watching the sun go down!

Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019 – Recoup Day

For some strange reason, despite the fact that we were both incredibly tired, neither one of us got a good night sleep last night. I literally got less than 4 hours sleep, so I got up feeling more tired than I went to bed. I had planned on taking a long ride today, but I just wasn’t up to it, so we decided to just relax today, sitting outside in our screen room (best investment I’ve made this year!!), reading and napping pretty much all day. Nice lazy day!

Wed., Sept. 11, 2019 – Errands, Brake Job and Late Dialysis

Had to run a bunch of errands today, to Tractor Supply for horse feed while my 10% off couplon was still good, Home Depot to return yet another one of the inadequate inflators I bought in recent weeks, and, of course, Walmart for everything else. The front brakes on my truck have been chirping for a while, so I pulled into Monro to see if they could do it, but they couldn’t get to it for awhile, so I made an appointment for Friday, then just happen to pass another Monro, pulled into that, and they happen to be having a lull and took us in right away. Conveniently located across the parking lot from a nice Mexican restaurant, Hubby and I walked down and treated ourselves to a nice meal. Unfortunately the brakes took longer than anyone anticipated, and we didn’t get out of there until well after 3:00, so by the time we did Walmart and got back to camp, we had a very late start on Hubby’s dialysis, not finishing up until nearly 9:00, way later than we like. We had to wind down a bit after that, but not heading off to bed until much later than usual. Tiring day, but productive!

Monday, Sept. 9, 2019 – Travel Day to Pleasant Hill Lake Park

Up at 7:00, out of the campground by 9:30, on our way for a thankfully uneventful drive to Pleasant Hill Lake Park on the other side of the state. This park is a lot more crowded, has a lot more activity, is a lot more manicured than most places we've been this year, but the horse camp is right on the lake. After stopping in the office, and per Hubby's request asked if we didn't like the spot we had reserved were there others we might have for the two weeks we booked, and the nice guy in the office made out a whole list for me. We drove out to the horse camp and found our spot, and it was pretty nice, but the highlines for that site were a long way up a hill, and it was mostly in shade, which would be problematic for storing up solar power since there's no electric in the horse camp here. We reconnoitered, and discovered site 518 was longer, also right on the lake, and the water spigot was directly across from us, which will make life so much easier. The highlines are still about 30 yards away, but there are no sites between us and them, so the horses will be just fine. We called the office and officially changed our site, then proceeded to get settled in. Uncharacteristically, we traveled on a dialysis day, so first thing I did was get Hubby hooked up to his machine, then gave him his walkie-talkie and got busy setting up. Though they have cables on their highline posts, I put up my highline, one side on the post, the other on a nearby tree, just so they can run the length of their highline in their usual way, with a water bucket in the middle. I filled up the trailer and the barrel in the truck with water, got the screen room up and the chairs out, and before long, we were home sweet home again! The lake was active with boats (any size motor is allowed here), some fishing, some water skiing and tubing, and we have a front row seat to it all! Feels a lot like being at the cottage where I spent the summers in my formative years in upstate NY, very nostalgic! I think we're really going to like this place!

Friday, September 6, 2019 – Run Into Town for Returns

Ran into town to return the unusable inflator as well as another item to Walmart. The weather wasn’t good enough to ride, and Hubby wasn’t up to it, and for some reason, neither was I, so we decided to have a more leisurely day.