Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019 – Runaround and Hay Day

Down to my last bale of hay, I managed to locate a source not too far away using Facebook Marketplace, and took the 45 minute drive down there, where I found some beautiful bales, heavier and better packed than much of what I’ve seen in the area, for just $4.50 a bale. I ended up take 18, hoping we’ll use enough to be able to carry what’s left over to our next stop! Went over to Tractor Supply on the West Virginia side of the river, then into Steubenville to the Walmart. I realized when I came through that we’ve been here before but I couldn’t remember when. Of course, that’s the beauty of keeping an electronic journal, all I had to do was a quick search, and discovered that when we stayed at Harrison State Forest back in September 2015, Steubenville was the nearest city and therefore where we did our shopping then, too. On the way back, I stopped at the Richmond Post Office where I was having several things sent General Delivery, but they were closed for lunch. I waited the 25 minutes only to have them tell me they hadn’t received anything yet, but the woman there was nice enough to take my phone number, offering to call me when anything arrived, which I thought was wonderful. Got back to camp to discover that the solar panel kit that we had ordered last week had arrived, as well as Hubby’s medication (which our nurse sent UPS, since we’re both fed up with Fedex!), so after getting Hubby on his machine, I set the solar panel up. I have to say, it was one of the easiest installations ever, it was just a matter of opening the box, opening the folded solar panel, locking the legs down, plugging it in one end and clipping the alligator clips onto the battery, just like that. So easy! It was a nice sunny day today after yesterday’s rain, so we’re looking forward to seeing just how much it will supplement our power system. If it can cut down on our generator usage, we’ll be able to do a lot more boon-docking, which will give us a lot more options where we can stay, as well as saving us some money in so many ways. Fingers crossed it does the job! Finished up an uneventful dialysis, including the new medication that’s supposed to help his iron levels, and settled down for the evening. Had a few problems with the cell phone signal, so the movies were a bit more disjointed than yesterday, but we did manage to get us to bedtime. Looking forward to a ride tomorrow!

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