Monday, Aug. 26, 2019 – Setup and Dialysis

Slept late this morning thanks to the peace and quiet here, then got up and started doing the rest of the setup after my usual chores. Put up the screen room, which was the main thing, then started to try to locate the best direction for a cell phone signal, and proceeded to try to figure out a system that would work better. I took a spin around the campground trying to send an email with some attachments that I was having trouble with, but never could find a spot any better than ours. I ended up putting my 4G booster in the truck, taped a magnet to the top of the trailer so the antenna would stick up there (the highest point I could manage), and powered it up inside the truck. That managed to get me one bar of 4G, which helped a lot, but it still teeters in and out, so the movie we tried to watch during dialysis went great for the first hour plus, then faded for a bit, until we finally gave up in the evening and went back to the Dish PVR. That’s fine, we need to clear it out, then after we pick up the satellite dish at the house in October, we can fill it back up again with some movies. It was a good dialysis session, and other than that, it was a quiet day, though it clouded up and started to sprinkle, and there much rain in the forecast for tomorrow, unfortunately, so I likely won’t be riding tomorrow. But there’s lots of sun forecast for later in the week, so let’s hope the forecasters are right for a change!

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