About the Hendersons

Together since 1986, the Hendersons have been inseparable ever since they met. While they've had many adventures over the years, their latest has been a culmination of everything that had come before, cobbled together in a way they could never have imagined at the beginning.

Departing from their Tennessee retreat on Dec. 30, 2009, they've been on the road with their horses and dogs virtually full time ever since. While they continued to pursue their vocations, both offering theatrical performances to regional and university theaters and providing speech coaching and presentational training to an elite group of clients, they spread their wings to pursue their love of horses and trail riding.

While on one of their first trips to camp at Assateague Island, Maryland, home of the famous wild ponies that are rounded up and auctioned off every July on Chincoteague Island, VA, their horses, mother and son Clio and Apollo, got their feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean. Hubby Roy then declared, "Well, now we've got to get their feet wet in the Pacific!" During the summer of 2010, that feat was accomplished, riding on the beaches of Oregon and California. That same year, they also climbed to 10,500 feet altitude in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado, and even went part way down into the Grand Canyon in Arizona!

The next cardinal water point to be achieved was riding on Padre Island, TX in the Gulf of Mexico, and to finish off all four compass points, they traveled to Jeanette's high school reunion in upstate New York, "beaching" it at Chimney Bluffs, near Sodus, NY.

Having accomplished that goal, they realized they had been in more than 30 states, so the next step was a simple leap: to ride in all 48 contiguous states! After a busy Spring in 2013 with business, they headed out for the summer to knock off as many of the missing states as possible, and, to date, have now ridden in every one of the lower 48, completing their much sought after feat in October 2014. They're pretty sure their horses have more "mileage" on them than any other horses on the planet!

Having accumulated so much experience, knowledge, information, maps and contacts from all over the country, and having met so many people along the way, it's natural to want to share them with other like-minded folks, and to ask for more info to pass along. That is the goal of this website.

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