Wednesday, September 21, 2011 – Travel Day to Orlando

New Backyard in Orlando

Due to the duration of this trip, we decided is would be more cost effective to take a cab to the airport, and he arrived right on schedule, getting us to the airport in plenty of time. Unfortunately, the flight was posted as being delayed for half an hour, but then somewhere along the line it got back on schedule, so we arrived just about on time. Picked up a little stripped down Chevy Aveo (such a downturn from my Mustang!), but since we don’t have all that much actual driving to do, it will be good enough. For $11 bucks a day, who can complain? Arrived at the Rosen Plaza Hotel just up from the Orange County Convention Center where the bulk of the activities were to be held. Checked into a nice room on the 16th floor, so it was nice and quiet except for the A/C which was a window unit, though it was ten times better than the hotel in Chicago where we stayed earlier this month. Ordered Chinese as has become our habit on the first day of our arrival, and went to bed early.

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