Wednesday, Sept. 9. 2020 – Packing Day

Hey Babe,
A nice quiet day (though it once again started out with the sound of heavy equipment being moved around), where I paced myself doing the packing up in preparation for our departure tomorrow. Everything’s put away, awnings in, just have to hook up the truck. I’m on too much of a slope to do it today, so that and getting the high line down are about all I need to do. I called ahead to the tire place where I had my replacement tire sent, I’m planning on stopping there on the way. It also happens to be very near the Walmart, and though I don’t need much, I can kill two birds with one stone while I’m there. I could even walk over if time allows. Looking forward to getting into a national forest again, these state parks are too civilized and too crowded for my liking, though it was finally quiet today. A tenter came in late last night, and later a woman from the office came down and moved him, apparently their “first come” policy has been superceded by a reservation only protocol, so he had to move, or maybe he just left, I don’t know. He didn’t have a horse so he shouldn’t have been here anyway, and I don’t understand why he camped right across from when when the entire campground was empty! Go figure. Anyway, I did all the laundry, washed the horse blankets and saddle bags by hand, it was so sunny everything dried just fine. This is the last day I’ll have electricity for quite awhile, so I did all that I could. Not much else to report, happy to be moving on! Good night, my love!

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