Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019 – Delivery Day

After a couple of lazy days where we didn’t do much other than read, rest and dialyze, today we received our delivery of supplies. We had hoped to ride in the morning, but with the delivery time being a four hour window, by the time he got here it was too late to go, so hopefully tomorrow. Apollo seemed a little limpy this morning, not sure if he caught his leg on something or if he’s just tired of standing around. I wish I could put him on an anchor and let him graze in the campground, but there isn’t much grass here, and there’s so many obstacles in the way he’s likely to get caught on something every five minutes. I definitely have to take him for a ride, even if Hubby’s not up to it, let him stretch his legs for a bit. Other than the usual mundane chores, it was a really quiet and beautiful day here on the lake!

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