Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022 – Almost To The Home Stretch

Hiya Darlin’,
A good night sleep, actually woke up early, and then spent about an hour doing a few stretches and using that little shiatsu massager we’ve had for decades. Can’t believe it still works! But it actually helped quite a bit, I felt a lot looser when I got up. Still moving really slowly, still have minor back spasms, but fewer and less painful, so I guess I’ve made progress. After chores I spent some time trying to coordinate the last handful of arrows and guide posts that are left to be done. I finished painting all (hopefully) of the crosspieces, and as much of the remainings posts as I could. Some will need some numbers added, but overall, except for maybe one or two more oddballs, I should just about have all of the posts completed. I was going to pick up my tractor tire, but I’m expecting a package at the post office, and they close early on Wednesday, so I decided to wait until tomorrow. That ended up being a good decision because I need to go up to Glenn’s tomorrow and drop off an extension cord for the pool guy, who’s putting in the new pump for the spa in the afternoon. So mostly a run around day tomorrow. Spent most of the afternoon working on the GPS files for James, got those and the Intersection Post placement shape files to him by end of day. Then spent more than an hour trying to make a plane reservation for next month to Phoenix. What a mess! American Airlines prices were outrageous! And they were going up hundreds of dollars of minute! Plus they had terrible connections. I ended up booking on United. Their connections aren’t that great, I have a couple of long layovers, but at least I go to Houston as my stopover, rather than Charlotte, and it was half the price. I know I’m not paying for it, but still, I’m not going to make my client pay over $3000 for a single flight! Crazy! Anyway, that mostly killed my evening, now I’m ready for my Spanish lesson, my Sleepytime tea, a shower, and bed! Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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