Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2019 – Runaround Recovery Day

Thank goodness we have a day between our cross country flight and our Workshop, or we’d never make it! We both had an on-and-off night sleep, but ended up sleeping a bit later, which was good, as it let us readjust our time zone better that way. Once we got moving, we headed out, first to Walmart to pick up a new video camera and tripod (I realized I’d forgotten to bring my camera, but we really need one dedicated to business these days, as my other one is getting pretty banged up in my saddle bags on the trail!), and a few other sundry items, then dropped Hubby’s dress shoes at a shoe repair place for new heels, then breakfast at a quaint little diner with a 50’s motif and fabulous food, then back to the hotel for a bit, where Hubby sat out by the pool in the sunshine and Santa Ana winds (there’s several wildfires around, so there’s smoke billowing out of the hills) while I ironed our dress clothes for tomorrow and set up the camera, realizing the memory card I thought I had was non-existent so I would have to pick one up. We retrieve his newly-heeled shoes, stopped at Target for the memory card, then finally set off again to his dialysis clinic for the first of two in-center treatments he’ll need while we’re here. Unfortunately, it’s necessary to go through a whole intake process, so even though his chair time is 4:30, we had to be here at 3:00 to sign paperwork and watch a less-than-thrilling video on what to do in case of emergency. In insisted on doing the cannulating (sticking the needles in him so that he can be hooked up to the machine), because last time we were here, they wouldn’t let me do it, and it ended up with 5 different technicians trying to stick him for 45 minutes. It was torture to watch, not to mention torture for Hubby, but evidently, for some non-sensical reason, California’s policy is not to use buttonholes, which is the standard everywhere else. This time I INSISTED I do it, even bringing my own needles, but they wouldn’t let me use my needles, though they had some for me to use (last time they told me they didn’t have any, so I guess that information wasn’t exactly correct, either). Anyway, when we finally got done with all the paperwork, they took us into the treatment area and I had him stuck and ready to go in five minutes. It was a good stick, too, thank goodness, with a terrifically low arterial, which sometimes gives us problems, but today it was good as gold! Afterward, they said I could sit with him if I wanted, so they pulled up a chair for me and I got my computer out while Hubby watched TV. That always makes the time go faster, so it wasn’t long before we were heading back to the hotel for what was left of the evening, with an early morning to look forward to tomorrow!

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