Wednesday, November 23, 2022 – Another Full Day

Hi Sweetie!
Was out of bed at 7:00, which is becoming my habit these days, had breakfast even before chores today, because it was really foggy and I was hoping things would dry out a bit, and I didn’t want to start my tractor too early and wake up any nearby campers. After breakfast I fed the horses (because they are confined to a stall and one paddock these days, I’m having to give them lots of hay and grain twice a day now), then quickly put up the last few numbers on the paddocks (the lively two were already out so their paddock was clear), then soon headed out to town, hoping my package was safe. Fortunately, it was, though the gal at the post office was just as mortified as I was that Amazon just left it in the lobby where anyone could have taken it. Headed to Glenn’s and spent a full three hours working on his pool. I wanted to vacuum the spa because there was a lot of sand, and he had told me the skimmer had a place for a hose, but it wasn’t working properly, so I had to work it from another angle, all of which took time. After I finally got that to work, and vacuumed for a bit, then I took out the big filter and did a very thorough washing of that, and that seemed like an endless job. All the while, of course, throwing a ragged old ball that Lola had found, just to keep her busy. The pool does look a lot better, and I adjusted the speed again, so I’ve got my fingers crossed we’ve finally found the right balance. Was so late by then, but I had to stop at Tractor Supply to pick up hay and an end to my burnt out electrical cord, then stopped at the Ace Hardware for a 1/4″ extension for my ratchet, which will make the installation of my regulator much easier, and finally, a stop at the grocery store for eggs and a pumpkin pie. I had offered to bring deviled eggs to the Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and they had a bunch of pies there, so I got one of those, too. FINALLY got back to camp, did my rounds, and amazingly, didn’t find any new campers yet, which surprised me. Petra and Dennis had arrived while I was gone, and they helped me get my hay in the barn, then I headed back home and put the new regulator in my truck, so my window is working fine again, yay! Didn’t have as busy an afternoon as I thought I would, so I relaxed a little, then started on my deviled eggs (hard-boiled eggs came out perfect!), did my last rounds at 8:00, only one new trailer had come in but no one was at home so I wasn’t able to get their permit information yet. Now I’m exhausted, falling asleep in my chair, so I’m heading to shower and bed early again, which is also becoming my habit. Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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