Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – Runaround Day and First Night Alone!

Heya Babe,
Good sleep, did my chores, then hauled Jeff’s big trailer back to him because he thinks he might be able to pick up some roofing material for free down in Broward. I spent an hour or so basking by the pool, though I also cleaned the filters and scooped out a lot of leaves and such. I had Lola doing a lot of fetching her floating frisbee, she hasn’t gotten much exercise lately, so I’m hoping this will help her get some sleep tonight. Then I headed over to the Publix and the liquor store, for some reason I decided I wanted to indulge a little, since for the first time it looks like I’ll have the entire campground to myself, and I also got all the trails done. I was looking for some honey bourbon but they didn’t have what I wanted, so I ended up buying a bottle of Old Crow, something we used to get all the time for about $14, now it’s up to $25. Everything’s gone way up in the last few months, not surprising considering the cost of fuel. Got a few things at Publix, then headed to Indiantown Post Office where I picked up my new spare tire, then to the Goodyear where I dropped off the old spare and had them switch them out. Turns out the spare tire rack is completely bent out of shape and broken, so now I’m going to have to find a welder to get that fixed up for me. While they were doing that job I went to Tractor Supply to pick up feed, then the gas station, where I paid a whopping $5.57 a gallon for diesel (and it just dropped 20 cents, would you believe!), went into the Dollar store but didn’t find anything I needed, then picked up the tires again before heading back to camp. Forgot to go to the IGA for ice cream, though! Back in camp, I rotated the horses into a new pasture, and luxuriated in the fact that for the first time since I arrived in January, the place is completely empty except for myself. Oddly seems like I’m breathing freely for the first time in a long time! Had a bit too much bourbon (ooops!) and now I’m ready for shower and bed. So good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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