Wednesday, May 16, 2018 – Cleaning, Washing, Solidifying Interest in New Horse Trailer

Did some more cleaning on the American Spirit horse trailer, this time going back to the White Diamond Cleaner I had started with, and relatively speaking, it’s doing a much better job than just about anything else, though about the same as the Mother’s cleaner and wax. I’ll keep trying, though, to see what works best and easiest! Worked with Flash a bit in the round pen area, all I had time for today, just running him around a bit for exercise and a few ground manners lessons. After breakfast with Hubby, we decided to move the vehicles around so we could get the Open Range cleaning started. That took more than an hour, connecting, moving, disconnecting, connecting, moving, disconnected and so forth. I washed the one side of the Open Range that wasn’t in the sun, but I need to clean and reseal the roof once weather permits. We’ve had a lot of afternoon thundershowers, kind of reminiscent of our summer days in Florida, so we haven’t been able to get much done by the middle of the afternoon, which is actually fine because we’re dialyzing most days then anyway. I continue to communicate with the owner of the horse trailer in Montana that we like, and finished making arrangements to fly out on Monday to see it. Dialyzed in the afternoon, as usual, and settled down for the evening.

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