Wednesday, May 13, 2020 – Shopping, Repairs and Another Flood

Hi Sweetie,
After another night of occasional rain, it was cloudy this morning and cool again, though not below the 40's, thank goodness. After doing some computer work in the morning, I headed out to the town of Henderson, went to a hardware store to get the parts I needed to fix the leak in the ice-maker tubing, picked up a few more bales at the feed store for the horses (the price had inexplicably dropped from $7.75 to $6 a bale), and went to the local Piggly Wiggly to pick up a few essentials like dog food and milk. One of the pieces of the repair hardware turned out not to be the right part, but I managed to recover it from the old part and made it work. I read for awhile, and the clouds went away and the sun came out and the temperatures warmed up, so I decided to take Lola for a walk. There's a long wooden bridge that goes all the way across the lake they have here, and a nice trail around the perimeter of the lake, and since Lola isn't being let out on her own anymore, I thought a long walk would do us both good, so I hooked her up and off we went. What a luxury! To be able to just spontaneously decide to do something, without having a long list of necessary chores waiting for me, and feeling guilty about not doing something! It felt like the start of summer vacation back in my school days. It was a lovely walk, there wasn't very many people about, and it really turned into a beautiful afternoon. We even sat in a bench swing on the edge of the water for awhile and just hung out there, reading a bit, enjoying the scenery. Finally we headed back to camp. Just as we got settled in, I heard a loud pop and heard water rushing, and thought my repair had failed, but discovered that the repair on the ice-maker tubing on the OUTSIDE of the trailer that I had done some weeks ago had popped. The water pressure here is very high, and I've adjusted it down a couple of times, but evidently not enough! I managed to jury-rig a repair on that as well, though I had to modify a part to do so, so I don't know how long it will last. One thing I knew, I had to get the water pressure down, so I dug out the restricter that I had, but that slowed the pressure down so much it was practically nonexistent, so I took it back off and readjusted the pressure at the outlet again till I got it at a safe level, I hope! I also did the long-overdue job of changing the water filter in the hose, what a mess that was! And not just the filter, but the inside of the filter casing was covered with algae and grunge, it's a wonder it hasn't made me sick! Well, I do generally boil it when I'm using it for coffee or tea, but it was truly awful! But I cleaned it all out with some bleach gel, scrubbed it really well before putting in the new filter, so now it's good to go. So far, the two repairs seem to be holding, I just hope I don't wake up in the night or morning to a new flood, I'm truly getting tired of sopping water up with towels! Anyway, things are moving along, I'm managing to get this stuff repaired as it happens, without having to procrastinate or have ten things of higher priority to worry about first. That in itself is a luxury I have to admit I'm enjoying. I took my shower early since I got soaked doing the repair, watched a couple of DS9's and now I'm ready for bed. I hope Lola stays quiet, she didn't get too much exercise today (and she's still in the doghouse as far as I'm concerned), so it will be a miracle if she sleeps through the night. Clear skies, though, no rain forecast until late Friday afternoon, at which time I should long be settled into my new site at the Wranglers Campground at Natchez Trace State Park. It's only about an hour drive on Friday, so that should be easy. Hopefully it's a site I can get into easily enough! Anyway, time for bed and reading. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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