Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – Travel Home

Sorry to say we never got another ride in at Owl Creek, much as I would have like to, but Hubby started to develop a serious breathing problem on Monday last week and it never improved, so we slowly packed up last night and headed home today. Didn’t even stop to shop as we usually would, he just wasn’t up to it, but we still had plenty of groceries to get us through the next few days, and we have a doctor’s appointment on Friday, so we can shop then, and hopefully find out what’s going on with him. An uneventful drive home, thank goodness, and the house was even in pretty good shape when we got here, no evidence of the meeces taking over like they usually do, guess our pest control guy is doing the job well. Got home around noon, so took a slow afternoon to bring in what we needed. Glad to be home, but still not sure if we’re going to hit the road again this summer (which we would like to do) or stay home and get some work done here. If Hubby’s health improves, though, I definitely think it will be a summer on the road!

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