Wednesday, March 24, 2010 – Home Again, Home Again

Returned to the EC and dropped off the RV and van, and headed out for home in the pickup truck. A thankfully uneventful trip, gaining an hour as we moved into Central Time, and arrived home by about 3:00. Had a stack of mail waiting for us (we had called the post office in the morning with instructions to bring the mail out), and fortunately, everything was in perfect shape. No downed trees, or damage or any kind. A few branches down, as always happens in the winter, but nothing else. Hubby had been concerned that with the extraordinarily cold weather that a pipe may have burst, and was prepared for the worst, but everything was fine. It didn’t even smell musty or anything! The only disturbance was our neighbor shooting a few rounds, but that’s a long story… I immediately started solving my computer problems, i.e. getting Hubby’s antique XP-operated laptop up and running, and making sure my entire bookkeeping file was intact so that I can get my taxes done in time. It will have to do until I get my other “new” computer workable. Had a relaxing evening, and looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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