Wednesday, Mar. 18, 2020 – Happy Birthday, Babe!

Hi Sweetie!
Happy what would have been your 86th Birthday! I got a letter from your daughter Kim yesterday, she evidently didn’t get my email back in January, but I filled her in and she wrote me a long letter in return. I spent most of the day doing computer work, writing proposals and agreements for future work in the morning, then spent most of the afternoon watching webcasts from my broker about retirement, which didn’t really help me much, it was pretty basic. The market went down again today, to numbers where it was before 2016, so we have quite a long way to make up, but I’m sure it will once this corona virus scare straightens itself out. Had happy hour out at the pool with the family again, though Audrey flew back to Austin today. Her flights apparently only had about 30 people on them, on a plane that seats 170, just to give you an idea how crazy it’s become. It’s like living through a plague! Except everyone is aware of it, and is practicing what they’re calling “social distancing,” i.e. all the restaurants have been closed or kept down to 50 percent occupancy, they even closed down the beaches for spring break! Anyway, we all shared some of the ribs Glenn cooked on Saturday, with leftover salads on the side. By then it was evening, so I watched a little TV, and now I’m headed off for a shower and bed. Good night! Love you, babe!

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