Wednesday, June 20, 2012 – Ride Day at Six Nations

Took our first ride today, out Aiken Road to Tuscarora, south to the B Trail, then up on the Mohawk, a fairly short ride just to see the condition of the trails and get the horses stretched out. Some muddy spots, but not as much as last year. The road and some other areas were a bit rocky, as usual for this area, but not so much that it bothered the horses too much, they were glad to get off the highline and get out in the woods! Hubby’s new Boa boots handing the terrain well, but he lost a cap on one, which didn’t surprise. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t have them hinged or something, rather than just screwed on to the boot. My Easyboot Epics have just about worn out, with the toe area on one completely worn through, so I’ve ordered a new pair, this time I’m going to try the Cavallo Simple boot. I’ve always worried the velcro wouldn’t be enough to hold it, but after several conversation with folks in the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided to give them a try. Having them delivered to the hotel where we’ll be staying next week. As effective as the Epics have been, they are truly a pain to take on and off, what with all the hardware and straps that need to be in just the right position. Hubby’s had to have so many repairs in the last couple of years it was almost like buying a new boot anyway. One day he broke the cable, another day the entire lever broke in half, gaiters go very quickly, so he’s using the Boas without the gaiters. So far, so good. I was considering the Boas too, but decided the less hardware the better, so the Cavallos were the best choice, though I did consider the Easyboot Trail. Can’t argue with the longevity of the Epics, though, I’ve had mine almost four years, and heaven knows how many miles. We’ll do an equipment review once we get them settled in. Meanwhile, we had a great ride on the trail, a bit warm here now (from 60’s to 90’s overnight!), but there’s a front scheduled to come in and cool it off by Friday, fingers crossed!

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