Wednesday, July 10, 2019 – Runaround Day

Since yesterday we had taken labs samples before Hubby’s dialysis which we had to get to FedEx for overnight shipping tonight, we took the day to run around and do some shopping. We bought a few things that we’ve needed for a while and which we’ll really need here, like a new utility cart/wheelbarrow. I’ve been using a canvas bottomed folding wheelbarrow for quite some time, but the canvas wore out once already, and I managed to sew a new one last year, but then it got left out in the rain too long and when I tried to load up a tub of manure to roll it to the manure station here in camp, the material started to split. Pity, but I decided I needed something sturdier. I had been looking at those folding utility carts, both canvas and metal, but when I was in Lowes I found the perfect thing, a totally plastic utility cart on two wheels, only $40. Works perfect, super lightweight, but when I got back, I used it to carry four bags of feed at once with no problem! I also filled it up completely with manure and rolled it up a hill, and it was perfect again! Should have done that a long time ago, but I thought I needed a collapsible one, but when tipped up, this one hardly takes any more room than my folding wheelbarrow, and will fit just fine in the last stall in the back of the trailer. I also managed to find a new water tub, I’ve been looking for weeks but no one has had one (at least, not at a reasonable price) and managed to find a perfect one in Meijers in Lancaster. We also found a great clearance on peach and pear nectar, something that’s really good for Hubby, but really hard to find anyplace but in Publix, which they don’t have in this area. Now we know, though, Meijers has that, too! Filled three tanks of propane at what I was told was the local coop, but I’m not sure they were as inexpensive as I’d been told they were. That’s because they go by weight, not by gallons, and you pay a flat rate for the weight. Since one bottle wasn’t entirely empty, I’m sure it would have been cheaper going someplace that went by gallons, where they are more inclined to try to fit more in. It certainly seems like the bottles are heavier when I get it that way. Anyway, water under the bridge, I’ll stick to Tractor Supply for propane in future. Bought a big bucket of KFC before heading back to camp, and settled down in the screen porch until it got too hot, then headed into the air conditioning. The first night we were here there was a lovely cool breeze coming in Hubby’s window, but tonight there’s no air movement at all, and high humidity. Nothing like the heat in Kentucky, but still enough to be uncomfortable, so we left the AC on, as well as a fan in the bedroom, just to keep things moving. Just another day on the road!

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