Wednesday, January 5, 2022 – Travel Day to Dinner Island Ranch


Hey Babe!
Woke up just before 8;00, skipped breakfast, got loaded up and was on my way out before 9:00. A very straightforward trip on back roads for just over an hour, arriving at Dinner Island Ranch safe and sound. There are two campgrounds here, one is in a big field, the other is tucked away in what they call a “hammock”, which is an area full of trees, lots of live oaks and palms. I scouted around and found one spot in the hammock that would fit me, and I managed to back up into it and get settled in pretty quickly. After getting the horses out into the portable paddock I put up, and got everything else out, I took a short walk over to a kiosk just to see what it said, and lo and behold! It said I needed a reservation! I swear, I looked on the website and all it said was no day permits were necessary, and when I spoke to a ranger a few weeks ago, I got the impression it was first come, first served! Oh, dear. So I got online, and after more copious research, did, in fact, find the reservation page, and discovered, much to my dismay, that the site I’m in is supposedly reserved already, though there was no one here when I got here, and it’s reserved for over two weeks, which I didn’t think was allowed anyway. So I spent the afternoon on tenterhooks wondering if someone was going to show up and kick me out. I was hoping for a no show, or maybe someone reasonable who would be willing to swap sites with me (since I’ll have to get a permit for another site here), and fortunately, nobody did show up today. I called the ranger station and left a message about my mistake, but no one called me back. I was holding my breath for a minute when someone showed up in the dark around 7:30, but they went into another site, so maybe I’ll get lucky. Anyway, I spent the afternoon relaxing a bit (other than the tenterhooks, of course!), doing a little OTL work and some reading before settling down for the evening. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of trails here, just a bunch of spurs off a main driving road, but Flash and I will check it out tomorrow. Meanwhile, time for shower and bed! Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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