Wednesday, January 20, 2010 – Drive day to Pohick Bay, Lorton, VA

Left our friends at Cherry Hill B&B about 9:00 this morning, headed out to pick up some hay on our way to DC, at Owens hay farm south of Blackstone, VA. Nice mixed grass hay at $4/sq. bale, though we were on our own for loading up. The seller showed up just as we were finished loading. Hubby had a hard time getting out, needed a pull which the seller gladly provided. The rest of the trip was uneventful. Warm greetings from Dale (as in Dale Evans!) at Pohick Bay Regional Park, less than 20 miles from DC, a great campground that doesn’t necessarily cater to horses, but does allow them (as long as you’re willing to pick up after them). There are some great trails here as well, for both the hiker and the equestrian. The park is next to the famous Gunston Hall, which lets you ride the mile around the perimeter of its field, but Pohick Bay has some delightful woodsy trails, and, if you take it far enough, even leads you to a stable and training center a few miles out. Not terribly well-marked, and a few are dead-ends that don’t tell you they’re dead ends until you’re there, but interesting nonetheless. We’re hoping to get a ride in over the weekend, but the weather forecast indicates cold, and tomorrow, rain, sleet and snow. Good thing we’re working with a client tomorrow, though I expect the drive to DC to be harrowing under these predicted conditions!

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