Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021 – Pretty Productive Day

Hey Babe,
Ended up getting to sleep late last night, but still up at a reasonable time this morning. Got quite a bit accomplished today, though not all of it was on my main list. Halfway through breakfast, the light inside the refrigerator went out, so I had to spend a little time fixing that, just needed to sand down the bulb holder, then it worked fine. You remember that the starter on one of the burners on the stove has never worked, well another one quit in the last few days, so yesterday I did some research and learned that the most likely reason for that happening is that the wiring to the starter gets frayed and grounded out, which prevents it from sparking. So I took the top apart and discovered, lo and behold, that there was nothing wrong with the wires themselves, except that they had come off at one end! I plugged them back in (the oldest one needed a bit of tape to hold it in because the pin wasn’t holding it in well enough, simple enough), and viola! All three burners are now working great! Of course, once I got the top off I went ahead and did a really good deep clean on it, long overdue, but now it’s practically spotless and looks great. I ran a couple of book orders down to the mailbox (the Buick “Panther” is running great except for that one little whine when I decelerate, but Jeff has a friend who’s a mechanic coming over to look at his Bronco and suggested I have him look at mine, too, while he’s here), repotted my Citronella plant into a nicer hanging pot that I left here last year, did some more research online for some other things I need to get while I have a shipping address, like a new battery for the computer, which I ordered, and some replacements struts for the awning, although no one seems to have those in stock. James helped with the feeding today because Jeff was busy making ductwork for a big job he has, then I settled down for the evening. So a good busy day, the way I like it. But it’s over now, shower and bed coming up! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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