Wednesday, Jan 13, 2021 – Another Ordinary Day

Hi Sweetie,
It’s official, life without you is getting boring! A pretty ordinary day. Woke up early and did a lot of stretching, may have actually moved something again. It occurred to me that maybe the reason my knee suddenly got so bad was because I had done some serious stretching last month, and I’m sure I shifted some things, but as you know, when one thing shifts, so do other things, and I bet imbalanced in a different way. Still haven’t quite got everything back to it’s original position (from ten years ago!), but it does seem to be incrementally better. Who knows, if I keep this up, maybe one day I’ll actually get it straightened out. Meanwhile, I had someone come look at the trailer today, but he had just got himself a new Yukon, so there’s no way he can tow it with that puny thing. That seems to be the biggest deterrent for the many inquiries I’ve had, everybody wants a big trailer, but nobody has the truck to pull it. Didn’t feel like doing much today, then rain came in around dinner time, just managed to get the animals fed before it got bad, and had a relaxing movie night. I’ve got the mobile RV guys coming tomorrow to try to fix the slide, I’m tired of messing with it, and I really would like it working before I leave here. I keep getting a few little things done most days, so hopefully I’ll get everything shipshape before I leave. Still haven’t exactly decided where I’m going, just going to follow the weather! Well, no more news than that, so I’m heading in for my shower and bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

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