Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2020 – Finished Thermostat Job

Hi Sweetie,
Couldn’t get to sleep last night for hours, finally had to take a nighttime pain killer, ended up sleeping late as a result. After chores and breakfast, I spent some time on the computer setting up appointments for me to get my Florida Drivers License and register the vehicles, apparently they don’t take walk-ins anymore. Soonest appointment I could get is three weeks from now! Eventually I got that done, then went out to work on the Buick. Changing the thermostat turned out to be a very easy job, my only delay was waiting for the gasket sealer to dry. No leaks afterwards, and I was able to confirm the thermostat was opening the way it’s supposed to. It seems the Buick runs much better now, too! I’ll confirm that tomorrow, I think I’m going to test it out by taking it down to the mailbox at the Publix, I have a book order I need to drop off there. The brakes seem to be working fine now that I topped of the fluid and got them moving again, probably just stiff from sitting for so long. I’d kind of forgotten that we never got it running last year, so it was sitting for two years, that would account for a lot. I remember it was running rough, I’m pretty sure that was from the overheating, but I’ll know better after tomorrow test run. There is still some kind of a whine that comes and goes, I think it might be something in the vacuum, I found one end that was leaking, but fortunately I found some spare ends while I was cleaning yesterday, so I replaced that, and that helped a bit, but I’m going to have to find where the noise is coming from at some point, it might also be the air compressor, since it’s not blowing really cold. As long as it runs for now, that’s all I’m really concerned about. It doesn’t sound life threatening, I’ll just keep an ear out for it. Spent the rest of the day just reading and surfing the net. Time to go now! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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