Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2016 – Departure Day! Whew!

What a day! After spending the last few days gradually getting everything ready to go, then getting up early, loading in the horses and taking down the electric fence, we were set to go, and went in to take one last walk-through the house, discovering we’d left behind my computer bag (with passports), Hubby’s wallet (which had fallen out of his pocket) and the satellite receiver, which we both forgot! Good thing we did that final walk-thru! Had to stop at the county courthouse on the way out to renew the registration on one of the vehicles, then hit the road with gusto, figuring we would arrive at our designated campsite in Perry, GA around 3:30 local time, having lost an hour because of the time change. That turned out to be wishful thinking! We ran into really slow traffic several times during the drive, both north and south of Atlanta. The city was actually about normal for that time of day, but large sections on either side, particularly along a new, soon to be opened “Peach Pass” section south of Atlanta REALLY slowed us down. Eventually we made it though, but it was after 5:00 by the time we reached Fair Harbor Campground. Very glad we had built in some extra time on our first day! We were greeted warmly at the desk and was soon directed to a wonderful new barn, where our two guys shared a stall with a good sized 24 X 24 run. Fortunately they charge by the stall here, not by the horse, which really helps make it affordable. By the time we got the horses settled and the RV set up in an electric site, it was getting dark, just in time to take the dogs for a walk before settling down for the evening.

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