Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020 – Quiet Day

Hi Babe,
Had a good night sleep, did just a few things in the morning. Put the battery charge on the Buick, and plugged electricity into the Open Range, got out Lola’s GoDogGo machine, which she ran herself ragged playing with, did some laundry, and just a few odds and ends like that to fill my day. Discovered that the ladder had been pulled off coming up the drive (it’s simply too narrow for me, but Jeff won’t cut anything back), so now I have another repair to make. My new awning fabric was delivered, so that’s another chore on the list. First things first, though, tomorrow I’m going to clean up the Open Range and get it listed again, there seems to be a good market for them right now, hopefully I can get that done. Next is the Buick, I want to get that running and sell that too. I hate to do it, that car was so much a part of our life together, but I don’t want it to just sit outside rotting, and I don’t have anyplace to store it anymore, so I don’t have a choice. Such a long list of things to do! But first I needed a little rest, which I did get some today. Read some, and finished off this season of the Crown series on Netflix, now I’m headed to shower and bed. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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