Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – Travel to Indiana State Fairgrounds

Px to come!

After an extremely stormy night, where once again I wasn't able to sleep for hours, we did let ourselves sleep a little later once the weather and the dogs settled down. Lola kept trying to climb up the stairs to the bed, and we kept having to push her off and sometimes swat her with a fly swatter until she finally gave up and settled onto her huge warm doggy bed. We let ourselves stay in bed a little extra just to make up for the tough night, plus we didn't need to arrive too early as the event doesn't even start until Friday and load-in isn't until tomorrow. We just wanted to get there a day ahead of schedule because we had an appointment for Hubby's dialysis early tomorrow morning. Stopped for breakfast along the way at a Denny's, conveniently located next to a Speedway where we filled up with fuel as well. Arrived at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, where the Hoosier Horse Fair is being held this weekend, right at 2:00, was quickly met by organizers Connie and Donnie Cressman, who graciously walked us through the procedure of getting us signed in, getting Apollo in an oval pen to stretch his legs, loaded in our booth set to a stall for temporary storage, led us to the camping area of the parking lot, filled up with water, got signed in with security, trimmed Apollo's two front hooves (which haven't been touched in months, and looked it!), got him settled into his stall and fed, took the dogs for a walk, got them fed, and finally settled us down for a drink and dinner of nachos, all while we watched intermittent flakes of snow swirl around in a frigid wind. Now that the cold front has gone through, we went from nearly 80 to below freezing, wouldn't you know! Finally climbed into bed nice and early, watched a few programs on Netflix, which was working great here in the big city, and hoped to get to sleep quickly tonight!

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