Wednesday, April 29, 2020 – Rainy Housecleaning Day

Hi Hon,
After a fitful night with the wind really shaking the trailer, and rain coming in early in the morning, the day turned out to be pretty productive. I put the horses out of the paddock, with Apollo on an anchor and Flash always nearby, and that’s the last I saw them until dinnertime. It rained most of the day, with some of it really coming in squalls, but I took advantage of this by spending the day doing things to start getting ready, and getting caught up on long overdue projects. That consisted of putting things away, finding new homes for things I’d decided to keep from the house, fixing a drawer in the utility room, cleaning out the back of the trailer a bit, and finally making that last drape for the window by the dining room table, which will keep the reflection off the TV really well, not to mention make it like a cave in here anytime I want! Should help to keep it warm, too, on a cold night. Then I tackled housecleaning, doing a nice thorough job that was long overdue, too. I didn’t want to get to the next place and feel like I had to do housekeeping right away, you know how I can’t just sit around when jobs like that are staring me in the face. Like I said, productive! I’m trying to stay on schedule for a Friday departure, I’m determined nothing will delay me! Even after all that, I had time to watch some Deep Space 9’s, and they’re really doing a nice job with it. Season 2 began with Louise Fletcher and an uncredited Frank Langela, would you believe! I’m heading to bed early, though, I want to try to get all the outside chores done tomorrow, there’s only a 30 % chance of rain, so I should be able to put most of the some stuff away. I may have to do a little running around, but hopefully not much. So off to bed I go! Good night, my love!

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