Wednesday, April 28, 2010 – Easy Travel Day to Village Creek State Park

Got up when the alarm went off at 7:00, got everything packed up and ready to go, and even finished dumping by just after 9:00. Had a nice chat with the campground host Dave and his wife, then pulled out in plenty of time. Stopped at the Flying J in W. Memphis, even took the time to have a sit-down lunch there. Arrived at Village Creek around 2:00, and once registered, found our way back to the horse camp. This is a truly nice park, with lots of facilities like tennis courts and ball fields, and it’s right on a lake with plenty of access to the water. The horse camp is well-manicured, with lovely stables in the middle of the loop, and all of the campsites around the outside of the loop. Got the horses settled in, then the RV, did a few chores on the computer, then relaxed to a movie. About the only downside was that the campsite we were in was in the wrong place for a satellite signal, though most of the other campsites would have worked. There’s a big bluegrass festival here this weekend, so we were lucky they had any space for us all, if only for two nights. They were completely booked for the weekend, so we couldn’t stay longer even if we wanted. Looking forward to a nice ride tomorrow!

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