Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – More Relaxing Travel Day to Owl Creek

Up with the alarm, packed up expeditiously, and were on the road just after 8:00 this morning. First stop was a nice little post office to ship out a book order that had come in yesterday, then Tractor Supply for propane and horse feed, then Murphy for gas, Burger King for breakfast, a rest area to dump (one of the stupidest setups we've ever seen! A grate over the dump hole so you couldn't put the sewer hose in the hole, a strange flush system you press with your foot, and NO WAY to turn on the hose to rinse any spillover and flushing out the tanks! Crazy!), then finally, the Walmart in Cullman where I had ordered a tire to replace one starting to wear on the RV. If it goes, it will take out another section of the RV panel, which we had replaced a couple of years ago from the last time we had a blowout, trying to avoid that again. Evidently, this is the month we have to replace all tires! This is the fourth tire we've had to buy in the last two weeks, ouch! But that's one of the expenses you have to expect when you're on the road! We still made good time, and were in Owl Creek Horse Camp in the Bankhead NF just after 2:00. We took our time getting setup, and by 4:00 we were relaxing in our lounge chairs with a beer (which I heard from our only neighbors is a no-no here, would you believe!) There were a couple of folks that were in the process of packing up when we got here, and left only two other rigs on the far end of the camp, and they were camping together. I had called the office yesterday to try to find out about the water, and they didn't return my call, so I tried again today, and was told that MAYBE there was a spigot with a connection, but not sure. Then she called back and said there was a screw on connection on the spigot just by the iron ranger, so we didn't bother to fill up at Walmart before heading out to the camp. Of course, it turned out that information was wrong, the spigot by the iron ranger did NOT have a hose connection ability, nor did the one by the vault toilet, but fortunately, the one at the back of the loop did, so I moved the RV over there to fill it up. The bad news is, it's one of these stupid spigots you have to hold down in order to keep it going, and when you do, a great tail spray comes out of the top of it, making it almost impossible to not get wet! Grrr! What a waste of water. Well, not being one to stand around holding down a spigot handle, I rigged up a heavy block to hold the handle down, then went and chatted with our neighbors who were right across from this spigot, and learned a few things about the place. It took quite a while to fill up, and then I filled up the horse tank in the back of the truck as well, just in case. Meanwhile, Hubby had taken the horses out of the trailer and hung them on the highline, which already had a cable and rings across it (not my favorite type, but will do in a pinch) and scouted for the best place for his satellite dish. After our first beer and a few minutes of recovery, we put up the portable corral around the highline area and let the horses off the much on the grass and weeds that were abundant around here. I went and talked to the neighbors again to find out about the condition of the trails to see if we needed to put boots on them, and they indicated it would be a good idea, as there was a number of places on the trail with sharp gravel. Afterward I came back to camp put out all the buckets and Lola's pool again, because I knew there was rain in the forecast overnight, and wanted to catch whatever we could. Finally, we settled down for dinner and a nice quiet evening.

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