Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – Quiet Day at Last!

Hi Honey,
Had a good night sleep, fortunately, Lola’s been wonderful the last few night, for which I am very grateful! I woke up a little early, though, and decided to take a quick trip over to the house to get the hot tub going after filling it overnight, burned some junk mail, did a little cleaning and rearranged some stuff in the garage, then came back to camp, where I did a remarkable thing for the rest of the day… NOTHING!! Well, other than doing some computer work and having a phone conference with a financial advisor, I sat in my recliner hoping to get a nap in, which I didn’t, but I did just relax, reading, watching TV, playing games on my laptop, just a day to try to recharge my batteries, which I desperately need. It was a nice day, with rain coming in tonight, so I took advantage. Watched a tense movie about coal miners called Mine 9, which kept me awake for a change (unlike the boring Voyagers I’ve been watching). Now, I’m heading to bed really early to try to get in a really good night sleep. Already had my tea, heading to the shower momentarily, and I’m even going to put in some earplugs so the rain won’t wake me. I’m determined to get caught up tonight! Love you, sweetie! Good night!

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