Wednesday, April 11, 2018 – Another Quiet Sick Day

Though Hubby was feeling a bit better today and was able to make it through dialysis without any episodes of diarrhea or vomiting, he was still feeling far from his best. It was another quiet day, which we could both use, as we have been going nonstop in preparation for the trip, and nonstop since we started. I hadn't realized how much stress we had both been under, but now the tension is starting to easily, thank goodness. This is a nice park, the folks are so friendly here. I received a delivery from NxStage, and three of the rangers and camp guys helped load it into the trailer. Whoever made this order really screwed up, though. They sent me 70 cases of stuff!! A whole plastic wrapped palette! I only asked for 21 cases of dialysate bags, and they sent me 66, with 4 boxes of cartridges I didn't need! That's the one flaw in this whole system, I can't seem to make my own orders, it has to go through intermediaries, and inevitably, that screws things up. I did take an extra case of cartridges, just in case, and 22 boxes of dialysate because so far, two bags have been defective when I opened the box, so I had to replace those. The driver of the delivery ended up having the take the rest of it back, but didn't seem to mind. Anyway, it all worked out, I got my delivery, so I'm fully stocked with dialysate supplies until we get home again. It was a bit nicer today, nice enough to sit in our gravity chairs under the awning for awhile, with Hubby covered in a couple of blankets. Once again, an early evening of Longmires before lights out!

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