Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019 – Lunch, Dialysis and Hay

Another quiet morning of chores, fishing and fetching with Lola before Hubby and I decided to have our lunch at the Mohican Lodge today. Got out there early, because we had to dialyze, then I had to go pick up some hay. I used the last of it this morning, and I found someone only 15 minutes with second cutting that was just coming in from the field today, though not early enough for me to pick up this morning. It was quite misty and overcast this morning, despite a partly cloudy forecast, so I guess we had to wait until it was a bit drier. The lunch was very nice, and we could actually see our campsite from the restaurant picture window, just a half mile by lake, but over 20 minutes by twisty road. Got back and got Hubby dialyzing, though we had some trouble with one of his access points, so it took a lot longer than usual. Figures, since we had to pick up hay afterward, thought we’d be early, turned out to be late. Got a good load of some nice hay, though, enough to last us for the duration of our stay here. Hope the horses like it!

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