Tuesday, November 22, 2022 – New Paddock Number Signs

Hiya Darlin’,
Started the day off doing chores, breakfast, then I decided to go ahead and take out the bad power window regulator on my truck, the second one to go, this time the right rear one. Since I had done the other side before I pretty much knew what to do, but I followed along on a youtube video just to confirm each step. My new part is due today, I was hoping to get it all done, but then something more important came up. A could named Karen and Charles had offered to manufacture some metal numbers for each of the paddocks and for the stalls in Barn 2, which for some reason never had numbers put in like the other two barns, and when Karen arrived with the numbers, I got busy installing them. That took me most of the afternoon, but man, do they look nice! Nice and big so you can see them from a ways off, black and shiny, really nice! For some reason, I was missing a zero, but I did almost every one, except one paddock that had two overly-lively horses, and my paddock, which I just forgot. Very impressive! It took me until past the time post office closed, so I didn’t even worry about picking up my new regulator, then when I finally noticed it had been delivered, it was after hours, and the Amazon driver just left it in the lobby of the post office! I couldn’t believe it! Anybody can come in and take it (not that they’d want to), but nevertheless, not the smartest move. I only hope it’s still there in the morning! I ended up crashing early, such a busy, hot sweaty job, but a really good job well done! Finally settled down early, showered and heading to bed. Good night, babe! Love you!

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