Tuesday, November 15, 2022 – Slept In Late, Solved Some Problems

Hey Babe,
Woke up right on schedule at 7:00, but laid in for awhile reading, then falling asleep again until almost 9:00! Seems to work that way, I do a lot of physical stuff for a couple of days, then my body protests and I have to take some down time to recover. Did my chores, had breakfast, and still felt tired so I crawled back into bed, reading and napping until after noon. Finally got up because I had a couple of packages come in, including the 25′ extension cord I ordered so I can finally have 50 power again, at last! I took the Buick, but before I left, I had been meaning to check to see if the spark plug wires were all tight, because it’s still running so rough. I had checked the ones in the front, but I never remembered until it was too hot to check the back ones, so I did it this morning, and would you believe? Two of the spark plug wires were completely off! No wonder Panther’s running rough! I wasn’t sure which way they went, so I took a guess and pushed them back on, and, not surprisingly, she ran much better! Still a bit rough around third or fourth gear, so I may still have a transmission problem, but the engine is definitely running better. Picked up gas in Glenn’s tank for the lawn mower, stopped at the post office for my power cord and a new feed bag for Apollo (he chewed through the bottom of the other one), then went to Glenn’s again, cleaned out his Navigator of some junk, but everything was still in the green, even though it apparently turned off again at some point. Then, just as I was about a mile or so from camp, the hood medallion that says GS on it came flying off. I quickly stopped and searched for it, and spent the better part of an hour walking up and down the road looking for it, FINALLY found it just as I was about to give up, thank goodness! Going to have to do some research to see how to best put that back on! I figured trying to find a replacement for something that rare would be nearly impossible, and delighted I finally managed to find it. Got back to camp and immediately went to plug in my new extension cord, only to discover that the electrician had put the outlet in upside down to what I need for my extension cord. It’s always something! I got out my screwdriver and turned it up the way I needed it, but then the cover box wouldn’t fit correctly, but I didn’t care at that point, at least I had 50 amp power! I told James about it, hopefully he’ll get the electrician out here to fit it properly. It looked great, it was just upside down. Anyway, I finally settled down, got the horses put away, played with Lola for awhile, grilled chicken for dinner, watched a good movie, Where the Crawdads Sing, now I’m heading for shower and bed. It’ll be a busy day tomorrow, too, so I’m glad I took half a day off today. Good night, sweetheart! Love you!

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