Tuesday, May 19, 2020 – Tax and Shopping Day

Hey Darlin’!
Well, rain came in again, no surprise there! It’s been such a wet spring, makes me thing I should have headed west for the sunshine! I started out the morning after chores going through my bookkeeping to get ready to do the taxes, hoping to maybe even actually get started on them, but it took me longer than I thought to find some odd transactions, so before I knew it, I got a call from the office that a package had arrived for me. I had ordered a couple of nice new rain sheets for the horses, I figured since they were going to be outside in the elements so much they should be better protected, and even though they were very reasonably priced, they really seem like good quality, actually a lot heavier than I expected. I also got a couple of new hay bags, like the canvas ones only with a plastic lining to keep the hay dry, I hope they work better than the string bags. After I picked up the package I headed down to Tractor Supply in Lexington to pick up some citronella shampoo that I had ordered (I kept thinking that SOMEONE must be making a fly-repellant shampoo,) hopefully this will work, though the flies haven’t been as bad over here as they were at Chickasaw. I was disappointed, though, because they didn’t have any balancer, or any Bronco fly spray by the gallon. I picked up a bag of senior feed, but just as I reached the checkout with my one item, a woman with a cart literally overflowing with stuff moved quickly and intentionally in front of me. I decided I didn’t need to sit in line that long for one bag of feed I didn’t really need anyway, though I’m going to have to get some soon. I’ll have to do a search for balancer tomorrow, hopefully someone’s got it, or I can order it in time for me to get it at the next place. Walmart was the next stop, stocking up on essentials there and getting fuel in the truck, and that’s it! Got home, played with Lola for a bit, then I felt a little sprinkle of rain so I started to feed the horses, and put their new rain blankets on as the rain started to get heavier, green for Apollo, red for Flash. For once I got something just the right size for them! Got the new feed bags out, too, so they’re all fully outfitted nicely now. Got nice and wet doing it, then slipped on the mud on the hill and got nice and muddy, too! Well, I need to do some laundry soon anyhow. Well, that’s all the news, settled down to dinner and TV, now it’s off to shower and bed! Good night, babe! Love you!

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