Tuesday, June 26, 2012 – Watkins Glen State Park Walk Day

Started out the day with packing up as much as we could, moved the horses off the highline into the stalls so we could break that down, put pretty much everything we could away, left only the satellite dish to be broken down tomorrow morning. Drove down to Watkins Glen, made a few stops for essentials before heading out to the State Park here. Though I grew up 60 miles from here, for some reason I’ve never actually been through the park, so Hubby agreed to go with me. The website said they had a shuttle going between the top and the bottom, so I figured we could catch the shuttle to the top, then walk down, so it wouldn’t over-tax us. Unfortunately, the shuttle wasn’t running today, and in fact, they said it wouldn’t start until this weekend, when the summer season actually began. I keep forgetting that July 4th is the opening of summer here, not Memorial Day like most points south. So we decided to head up the Gorge Trail until we got tired and headed back. Turns out, we took it real slow, and the 800+ steps were spaced out enough where we made good progress without wearing ourselves out. The sights were quite beautiful, it’s easy to see why this became such a tourist attraction. The trail was over a mile long, with very impressive cascades along the way. Once we reached the top, we had a refreshment at the concession stand at the top, then returned to the bottom on the Indian Trail, which was a gentle along the ridge top, until it rejoined the Gorge Trail near the bottom again. We took a short diversion into a cemetary to pay our respects, the oldest born day we found was 1813. It was a lovely afternoon, though we were naturally tired by the time we got back. It was a lot of walking, and I was delighted a surprised that Hubby was up for the entire walk (he’s not much of a hiker). It must have been the frozen custard waffle cone we had before arriving here! Whatever it was, it held us over until we arrived back at the campground at just before 5:00. In our absence, someone new had arrived and set up, we spoke for a bit when I went over to feed the horses. Judy was a retired teacher, and she and her husband horse camp occasionally, but she had a group of women whom she also goes riding with, though they apparently stay in B&B rather than RVs. Then we settled down for the evening, planning on an early night, since we had to get moving early in the morning.

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