Tuesday, July 28, 2015 – Lunch with Cousins

Today was a reunion of a different kind, having lunch with two first cousins that, except for a very short time in a very large group 4 years ago, I haven’t seen since about 1964! Their mother and mine were sisters, but there was a lot of years between them, and they had a falling out back then that was never resolved, so we didn’t really ever get to know them very much. Anyway, we met them down at a lovely restaurant on the Erie Canal in Fairport, and despite the years, it became evident that their upbringing wasn’t that much different than ours after all, with many things in common. We managed to fill in some gaps in family history, and had a great time for over 3 hours! Who’d a thunk?! After lunch, Hubby and I stopped at the ice cream store next door and had one of the best frozen custards EVER! Nice and egg-y tasting, which I really like, before heading back to Caledonia. What an exhausting week, that’s not even close to over yet!

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