Tuesday, July 27, 2010 – Travel Day to Spokane Equestrian Center

Had a fairly uneventful trip to Spokane, only challenge was that the Flying J in Post Falls, Idaho, where we had planned to dump, had a parking lot that was practically impossible to negotiate with an RV, then once I finally got there, there was a sign that said they charged $10 to dump! Well, sorry, but I’m a bit too :thrifty” for that, and discovered an RV dump at a future rest stop on I-90, so we’re just going to hold off until then. Our trusty Verizon GPS Gracie led us straight to the Spokane Equestrian Center where we’ve arranged to board the horses and dogs and RV, and is just 15 minutes from the airport. Having gained an hour by moving into Pacific time, we settled in for the afternoon, taking a few minutes to wash the pickup (since that’s the vehicle we’ll be leaving at the airport and it really, really was dusty). Then we met a friend/client for dinner at a great Greek restaurant downtown called Niko’s, though we took a quick pitstop at a mall just before that to get a new electrical tester for Hubby and a new slip for a white summer dress that I wanted to wear in DC for me. It was a great dinner, great fun to reconnect, and still got home before 9:00. Quick nightcap, then off to bed in anticipation of an early morning and busy day tomorrow!

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