Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021 – A Day Out

Hi Darlin’,
A kind of busy day today. Got up a bit early, did the morning chores, no breakfast because my first appointment was for labs that required fasting. Decided to take the Buick today, since it was a short trip, and Jeff asked to borrow the truck because his Explorer isn’t running again for some reason. He left early with the Dodge to get some pipes for the sewer drainfield he’s putting in first, guess there was a reason he didn’t want to take that to wherever his appointment was in the afternoon. Anyway, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy driving that Buick! What a thrill! It jutters a little at higher speeds, but it seemed to improve during the day, so maybe it is just the brake rotors or calipers loosening up. Meanwhile, I did my labs, then had lunch at the nice little Hong Kong restaurant we went to a couple of times (since I’d been fasting!), then found a place nearby to get my hair cut. The woman, Cheryl, at the Hair Cuttery did a nice job. Then I stopped at the auto parts store from some fuses, I blew the same fuse I’ve been blowing, there’s obviously a short somewhere that I’ll have to look for at some point. By then it was time for my appointment at the dermatologist to look at a couple of spots I thought might be problematic, but the doctor didn’t seem that concerned, though he took a tiny biopsy just in case. A quick trip to Walmart for a couple of things on the way home, and I got back just after Jeff did with my truck. He was a bit worried, apparently when he was in Home Depot, a woman backed into my truck (or thought she did), and was leaving a note when Jeff came out of the store, which was nice of her, but I looked and couldn’t find anything that she could have caused. He was a bit worried, though, since it’s the first time I let him borrow it, he couldn’t believe someone had hit it while he was in the store! There’s a little dent in the bumper, but that’s been there for a long time, so I don’t know what caused her damage (Jeff said it was pretty significant), but my truck was fine. I’m thinking someone else may have backed into her coincidentally. Anyway, it was almost time to feed the animals, so we got busy doing that, and pretty soon it was time to settle in for the night. A pretty good day, perfect 70 degrees, though it’s going to get cool again tonight. Good sleeping weather! Off to bed, good night, sweetie! Love you!

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