Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 – Nothing Special

Hi Babe,
Slept comfortably late this morning, with plans to go pick up hay this morning, and even though the forecast had no rain in it when I went to bed, it was raining when I woke up. Radar showed it was going to be here for hours. How do these ridiculous weather forecasters miss this stuff? Since I couldn’t get hay in the rain, I decided on an indoor job, which was to put new sealant around the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They’ve been peeling up and getting dirty, so I scraped it all up and resealed them. Not the prettiest job ever, but functional, which is most important. Had a doctor’s appointment at 2:00, so I headed out in time for that, but they had to take a couple more x-rays so that delayed my appointment. I finally met the doctor more than an hour later, and he did more talking than listening, so I’m not sure how well he understands my problem with my knee. He couldn’t really explain exactly what he thought it was, or rather, he assumed it was something typical, which I’m not so sure it is, but there you go. Before doing anything else, though, he wants an MRI, and they couldn’t schedule that until late next week, and he won’t recommend anything else to do before then, even though he doesn’t really think that’s the problem. He’s talking about 6-8 weeks of treatment, including possible crutches and/or walker for part of that, yet that’s without surgery, so I’m confused about it. Again, more talking, but not much enlightenment. We’ll see what happens after the MRI. Anyway, it was after 4:00 before I got out of there, barely had enough time to rush through my shopping and get to the feed store to pick up hay before they closed. Fortunately, it had stopped raining by them, but it was still cloudy, but dry enough for hay. Put it in my nice clean trailer when I got back, put my perishables away, then started to get ready to feed the critters. Jeff was late coming home, but James had arrived just before me, so he did his critters while I did mine. Wasn’t long before it was time to settle in for the evening. Time now for shower and bed, so good night, darlin’! Love you!

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