Tuesday, August 6, 2019 – The Newlyweds Come To Visit

Since we didn’t get to spend a lot of time getting caught up, my friend whose wedding we attended on Saturday decided to come and visit us at the horse camp, bringing along the bride’s two horse-loving daughters and the groom’s sister, along with a cooler full of leftovers from the reception, so we ate and talked and got caught up and had a lovely little picnic in beautiful weather. I had run around earlier in the day, down to the little town of Alfred (home of Alfred University and SUNY Alfred State College, which dominate the town), picking up propane at a cement fabrication factory, of all places, and getting rid of our trash and filling up with water, both behind the Mobil station in town. After the picnic, we had nothing else to do but dialyze, and we did that with no problem. Having this Ipad makes a huge difference, since Hubby can do all his own measurements, which leaves me free to do a lot of other things, though never too far away, of course! More old movies and a relaxing evening once again, while listening to the rain come in for the night!

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