Tuesday, August 25, 2020 – Not a Great Day

Hey Babe,
I don’t know if it was too much wine or sugar before I went to bed, but I had a terrible night’s sleep. I read for what seemed like hours, then woke up around 6:30 feeling like I’d barely slept, then couldn’t get back to sleep so I spent a couple of hours stretching and working on my shoulder. I must have slept at some point because it was nearly 9:40 when I realized what time it was and got up. I felt exhausted all morning (what was left of it!), decided not to go riding, just to rest today, and ended up falling asleep in front of the TV. Then I took a nap for awhile in the afternoon. A distant thunderstorm knocked out the power for a few hours, no big deal, my batteries were fully charged. Filled up my water tank again, and the neighbor, Opal, borrowed my hose to fill hers as well. Finally settled down for the evening, finishing off a double-strength Sleepytime tea in the hopes that I’ll sleep better tonight. Off to shower and bed here shortly, hoping for a better night! Love you, sweetie. Good night!

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