Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 – Rainy Cleaning Day

Rain came in overnight and continued most of the day. Since I couldn’t go out and look for Apollo’s lost boot in this weather, I decided to take advantage of it and spend a good part of the day doing some long overdue deep cleaning in the trailer. Not a thrilling event, but one that must be done occasionally, and this was a good day for it! Hubby sat in the screen room and read most of the day (he really loves being able to be outside the trailer, even in the rain!), and I finally joined him mid-afternoon, relaxing the rest of the day after hours of hard work. A nice quiet evening, though my neighbor had a group of girls join her late in the day, and they did a lot of tree-climbing and giggling, as girls of that age do. Fun to watch, wish I still had the strength to climb a tree! Apollo finally discovered these were apple trees, I saw him munching on a couple of fallen fruit this afternoon, as they are just reaching peak ripeness (though I tried them, and the are not quite sweet enough for my taste!), but he didn’t seem to mind. Settled down for another relaxing evening.

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