Tuesday, April 28, 2020 – Final Day of Running Around, Hopefully!

Hey Babe,
I was late getting to bed last night, because I let Lola out before taking my shower, and she decided to go on walkabout for a long time! She was still a bit restless nevertheless, which didn’t help, but I did finally get to sleep and woke up early. I had to meet the folks who bought the bedroom set at just after 8:00 at the house, so I needed to get up early anyway. We ended up having to load up both the truck and the trailer in order to carry it all to their house in Gruetli, so that took up most of the morning. They helped me load of the Great Books, so my plan was to run up to Murfreesboro once we were done with the delivery. I also had a conference call with another financial advisor, still trying to figure out exactly what to do with the proceeds of the house. Once that was over, I took the trailer back to the house, and decided that it was time to load up all the extra odds and ends and take them to Goodwill in McMinnville, clearing out the garage of everything except the two recliners, one loveseat and the desk. That’s all I have left now, and I don’t see me being able to sell those before I leave, so I’m hoping the new owner will let me keep trying to sell them without sticking around to do it, because frankly, I’ve just got to get out of here. I need forest! I need riding! I need peace and quiet and nothing I have to do for a few days! It seems like I’ve been going non-stop for so long I’m not sure how to relax, but intend to refresh my memory at my first opportunity! So with all the little stuff dropped off at Goodwill, and a long trip to Murfreesboro where some hard bargaining managed to get me a little something for the Great Books collection, a quick stop at Tractor Supply for some horse feed and another at Walmart for just a couple of things and some fuel, at the remarkable price of $1.94 a gallon for diesel, I finally made it back to camp after 5:00. I paid the bill for the month (Wayne was extremely generous in his fees, so I got off easy), but a month is long enough in one place! More than enough! And naturally, even though it was fairly nice today (once the unforecasted rain shower at 6:00 this morning passed), until the evening when once again, wind blew in, and there’s supposed to be more rain overnight. I haven’t had the awning down at all this month, and I even had to take up the outdoor carpet after a week because the wind kept blowing it all over the place. The wind is driving me crazy, and the rain and mud isn’t helping either. But the forecast for Friday, my scheduled travel day is sunny and 70 degrees, then reaching 80 degrees within a couple of days, so I guess spring will be really short and summer will be fast on it’s heals. Can’t wait to get moving!! Well, enough whining for now, good progress was made today, and I’m starting to feel confident I’ll actually be able to get out of here on Friday. For now, time for bed, and the hope I can get some sleep despite all the wind-blown rocking and rolling the trailer is doing right now! Wish me luck! Good night, babe! Love you!

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