Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – More Deliveries

Hiya Darlin’,
Finally got a good night sleep last night, not surprising considering how exhausted I was! Got to sleep a tiny bit later, then headed over to the house the meet up with some folks and load up on some stuff. My first appointment was at noon, and I got a message saying they would leave McMinnville at 11:00, but then they didn’t leave until much later, which looked like it was going to make them late. Then, even though I warned them repeatedly not to trust their GPS because of the massive error Google Maps has on it now about the location of the house, they ended up missing the turn and were halfway to Coalmont before they called me. Grrrr! I ended up having to pack up what they wanted and meet them at the Baptist Church on the corner just so I could make my next appointment on time. I did, in fact, make it, and my afternoon was spent in the parking lot of a burned down gas station (you remember the Cruise In Market? Gone!), where I had three different people meet me to pick up stuff. So I made a couple hundred more bucks selling stuff, making it a decent week so far. The pile in the garage is winnowing down, not much left except big furniture and a couple of lamps and a few other odds and ends. Making progress! The governor has announced some phasing back in of normal activities, and I’m happy to report that opening the state parks is one of them! Looks like my reservation on May 1 at Chickasaw will be good! Can’t wait! I need about a week of sleep when this is all over! Of course, bingeing on Star Trek Voyager has been helping, inasmuch as it’s so boring I generally fall asleep during it anyway. I can’t believe they did six seasons of this, it’s really pathetic. I FINALLY saw an episode that was well-written and well-acted, but I had to get into the second season before I came across it. Not sure I can keep going, I keep hoping it will get better. Hope always springs eternal when it comes to Star Trek, as you know, but this one makes The Next Generation look positively thrilling (which we both know it was NOT!). I’m thinking of switching over to Deep Space Nine, I seem to remember watching a couple of episodes of that, they seemed to be better, but who know. Meanwhile, another day, another few dollars, another day tomorrow, though it looks like it will be slower, which will give me a chance to do some other things that have been waiting too long. Time for bed! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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