Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – Far From Routine

After a decent night sleep, I rose early to get Hubby's dialysis machine set up. Using bags is quite a bit different than using our in-home Pureflow system, so I had to take my time to get it right. Hubby woke up feeling really terrible. He had diarrhea and he was vomiting. We presumed it was his body trying to get rid of the excess toxins that were in his body from not being dialyzed for the last few days, so we got him hooked up to the machine as quickly as possible. He still spent much of the session with a plastic bad handy nearby, and he didn't seem to improve as we went on. We ended up cutting it a few minutes short because of another bout of diarrhea he just couldn't control. He feels terrible! Not sure about the cause, but we spent the rest of the day quietly, trying to recover. Watched a few more Longmires on Netflix before calling it a day.

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