Thursday, Sept. 22, 2022 – Tractor Tire Done, Among Other Things

Hi Babe,
Worked on my shoulder a bit this morning with my massager, and it does seem to be helping. My back was a bit better, but still painful, just less often, so I’m going slowly on everything, but it seems to help to keep moving. After chores and breakfast I ran into town, stopped a the Post Office and picked up a bunch of packages. A little behind-the-seat insulated storage deal so I can carry some water and a few tools with me without taking my little cooler, two new flame dispersal plates for my grill, one from the manufacturer and one from a third party, but I think it’s too small and will likely return it. The big item was a new air compressor/tire inflater. The last ones we had gave up the ghost, so I got a new one. I’m worried about the trailer tires losing a little are, and this one is supposed to go up to 160 psi, so it should handle the 123 I need on those tires, but we’ll see. It’s nice, though, because it works on AC, DC and it has a rechargeable battery as well, so it should be handy. Then I went to the tire place and picked up my tire, at last. Then off to Glenn’s to drop of an extension cord I’m letting him borrow until his electrician can finish wiring in his new spa pump, and to do a little pool cleanup. Then back to camp, where I persuaded a couple of the hunters that had come in earlier to help me get the tire in place, so that worked out well. I wouldn’t usually ask for help, but with my back the way it is, I didn’t want to make it worse by trying to manhandle something that awkward. Tried to replace the flame dispersal plates, could only get two of the four screws out, but I could fit the new one in anyway, so I left it like that. Settled down for the evening, already took my shower, heading to bed right after my Spanish lesson! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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